Beastie turns six!

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to blog about Beastie’s birthday party. I’m a few weeks late, nothing unusual there, but nevertheless I wanted to pop up a few pictures of the amazing day that he had.

We wanted to give him a ‘big’ party like so many of his friends have already had. We realise that we we have bowed to the pressure that comes with giving kids a party with an entertainer and one to remember but it’s certainly not something that we will be splashing out on every year. We felt that he deserved to have one themed party that he could invite all of his classmates to.

When the day finally arrived, I hadn’t realised how much work the actual party would be. I had my Mum helping me prepare the food to serve, my Dad was hanging up decorations and handing out the food and my husband was taking photographs. I am so grateful for these photo’s as I barely got to see any of the action! These are just a snippet of the ones that were taken and I’ve also been careful with which ones I’ve posted as I don’t want to be putting up pictures of other peoples children where it is clear as to who they are.

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The entertainer was worth every penny in my opinion. He held the attention of the children the whole time and it really was action packed. The snow machine was the biggest hit by far and the kids just went crazy when it was turned on. At the end of the party they all got one final blast of the machine and it was great to see the parents arriving to collect their kids who were dancing around covered in foam.

The pictures really do show what a fantastic time he had and the lasting memories created from that day. It won’t be something that I want to be arranging on a regular basis but it was worth all the effort and planning just to see how magical the day was to him. This is what being a kid is all about.