9 Great Netflix Series you should watch

Would you believe that we’ve not even had Netflix a year yet? So we’re relative newbies when it comes to the whole scene. Last year I randomly decided to see what all the fuss was about and signed up for a free trial and the rest as they say, is history…

We love a good binge watch and can get quite carried away, so naturally Netflix was right up our street.

I have noticed that Netflix recommendations are quite often a hot topic of conversation and when I see any mention of what people are watching, I’m usually all ears! I often stumble across things myself but if a series is creating waves, then I want to see what it’s all about.

Now I’m also aware that what is one person’s cup of tea, is most certainly not the next person’s and even when there is a certain genre of programmes people like, their opinions can vary drastically from series to series.

However, here are our absolute favourite ones so far…


We always love anything with Jason Bateman in it and this was no exception. Laura Linney plays his wife and she’s brilliant too (although I’ll always remember her from her Love Actually days). It follows the lives of a family that move from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks after Marty (Jason) becomes entangled with money laundering for a mexican drug cartel.

It’s for the most part dark (and it’s filmed that way too) but Jason and Laura add some humour along the way. It comes with all of the nasty things that you might expect to happen when dealing with drug cartels but also their incredible plight for the survival of themselves and that of their two children.

Orange is the New Black

I’d seen everyone rave about this series but it took some convincing to get Alex to watch it with me. Once we started, there was no looking back and this has been our most epic binge to date!

It’s based around a privileged woman from New York who ends up doing time in a prison after her dodgy past catches up with her. You watch her adjust to life as an inmate and follow the lives of everyone else in there. It’s funny, gritty, shocking and completely addictive.

We’re eagerly waiting for series 7 but it’s since been announced that this will be the last one.

The Haunting of Hill House

As soon as this series was advertised, I knew that it was my kind of thing. This one flits between past and present and follows the lives of 5 siblings who all grew up in a haunted house for part of their childhood.

The trauma at the house is still having lasting effects for some and a series of events pulls them all back to the house, where you will find out what really happened all those years ago. It’s creepy stuff but not as jumpy as you’d think – so try it if you haven’t.

The Sinner 1 and 2

The first series is based around a young mother (Jessica Biel) who seemingly randomly kills a man on a beach packed with families. It follows the detective investigating the case, Bill Pullman and how the case unravels. It’s pretty gripping stuff with some slightly disturbing parts when the killers past is revealed.

The second series stars the same detective who this time is investigating the case of a boy who murders (what are believed to be) his parents. The intrigue sets in early with this story, as to why a young child would do such a thing. Bill Pullman as ever, is great and it has lots of twists and turns.

The Letdown

I’d seen a few people chat about this series on Instagram and one night I fancied watching something a little more light hearted.

It’s based in Australia and follows a couple who have just had their first baby and all the drama that is involved with getting to grips with parenthood.  It’s something all parents can relate to, but I’m sure you’d still find it funny if you’re not a parent. It’s a no nonsense comedy that’ll make you laugh out loud.


Stranger Things

This was one of the first series that we watched and we’re still patiently waiting for the second one! Which I believe is coming to our screens in July.

Based in the 80’s it involves the mystery of a local boy that suddenly goes missing. It uncovers secret government experiments and a terrifying supernatural power. The friendships in it remind me very much of The Goonies (but with a much darker storyline!) and it even features an old character from the film. Not to be missed!


We quickly caught onto this one as soon as it was released. Joe runs a bookstore and becomes infatuated with Beck who happens to browse his store one day. The story cleverly unfolds as she becomes his ‘latest’ obsession and his stalking reaches new levels each episode. It’s narrated throughout in Joe’s voice, showing his rationale for why he does what he does and you almost find yourself rooting for him as he appears like such an average guy…but he’s definitely not. We were completely gripped and the second series has been confirmed, whoop!

Good Girls

We stumbled across this one and thought we’d give it a go. It’s a comedy drama about 3 women who all lead ‘ordinary’ lives, who suddenly hatch a plan to rob their local convenience store to help with their financial woes. However, they end up getting involved with a drug cartel and create a whole load of problems for themselves.

It’s fairly easy watching, with some silly moments but worth a watch and it’s still not been confirmed as to whether there will be a second series – but we really hope so.

Friends from College

This has been our latest find and we whizzed through the first two series, only to find that the third one is yet to be commissioned and that it might not be again. To us this was a more modern days Friends that was a little more serious.

It stars Cobie Smulders (Robin) from How I Met Your Mother and Fred Savage (Kevin) from The Wonder Years. It follows a group of college friends in New York that still hang out now they’re about to turn 40. Love lives are enterwined and there is lots of drama, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for some new series, if you haven’t already seen them 🙂