A Healthier, Happier Family In 11 Steps

Who wouldn’t want a totally healthy, happy family given the choice? Nobody wants to think that they have a dysfunctional, unhappy, unhealthy family. The key to making sure you have the former, is you. The things you do, the habits you get your family into, and the lessons you teach your kids while they are young will make a huge difference.

This post outlines 11 steps you can use to ensure your family is as healthy and happy as possible. Read on to learn more:

Get Into A Routine

Start by getting your family into a good routine. Children especially thrive off routines, as they like knowing what to expect. It can make the family feel more secure, and kids really need a sense of security while they are young. If they don’t have that, it can cause problems like anxiety as they get older.

You won’t always be able to stick to a perfect routine, but you can definitely do your best when it comes to bed times, wake up times, and meal times.

Eat At Least One Meal Together Per Day

Science has shown that eating at least one meal together as a family every day makes a huge difference to health and happiness. Eating meals together promotes closeness and openness, and can even help your kids to do better at school. In fact, eating at least one meal together per day could even help your kids to avoid peer pressure with things like smoking and drugs as they age. It doesn’t have to be dinner, either. Breakfast, and even the last meal of the day can work.

Take the time you eat together to catch up on one another’s lives. Rather than asking your kids questions they can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to, ask open ended questions and make sure you share details of your day, too.

Learn How To Say No

You don’t have to agree to every party and play date that comes your way. It’s better if you don’t. Your family can experience burn out, especially if you’ve always got something to do and aren’t quite spending enough alone time together. Instead of doing everything you are invited to, spend some time together.

Make Sure Your Home Suits Your Lifestyle

Your home should suit your lifestyle as a family so you can all really enjoy it. You should have spaces free from technology, as people spend far too long with their faces in a screen these days. Making sure the bedrooms are free from technology is especially important, as they can negatively impact sleep. Making sure beds are comfortable and suitable is also important. Look at divan bases if you’re struggling to find storage space to put all of your things. Make sure you look into the mood of colors, as they can make a big difference to the atmosphere of your home. Don’t forget to include plants, and let in lots of natural light, too.

Stay Active Together

An active family is a happy family! Find ways to stay active together, like going swimming and on regular walks. You could even set up bigger hikes from time to time. Bike rides are a fun option too! Why not look for parent and child fitness classes in your area for something a little different, too?

Go On Adventures

Plan adventures together and really enjoy them. Planning your adventures together can make them all the more exciting, so make sure you give your little people a say in what you’re going to do and where you’re going to go. Leave technology at home as much as you possibly can. Avoid looking at your emails and answering calls from work. Stay away from social media and just enjoy spending this quality time with one another, making memories.

You don’t have to travel too far to go on an adventure. You could go on an adventure somewhere close to home with the right attitude!

Practice Communicating Properly

One of the best things you can do for a happy, healthy family is make sure you practice communicating with one another properly. Come up with a family policy you must all abide by, such as having no secrets from one another. Have family meetings every few weeks so you can talk about things you have coming up, any issues, and anything you think needs to be discussed. Involving the kids in discussions about money can also be beneficial for them, as they learn to understand and appreciate it at an early age.

Work On Your Relationship With Your Partner

Put your relationship with your partner first. Your kids will see you as a united force, rather than two people they can play off against one another when they want something. You’ll also be setting a good example for them and their future relationships. They learn everything from you and the way you act when they are very young, so consider what you could be teaching them. For example, make a pact never to argue or disagree in front of the kids, and rather discuss things in private.



Let Perfection Go

Perfection doesn’t exist, so the best thing you can do is let the idea of it go. Whether you’re planning a family holiday, or you’re looking at housework, there’s no such thing as perfect!

Find Ways To Reduce Your Own Stress

Kids can pick up on your stress, and it can make them stressed and anxious too. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so practice self love. You’ll be better equipped to care for your family this way, and teach them a valuable lesson too. Taking care of yourself is key to taking care of your family.

Make Decisions Together

As a family, make decisions together. Discuss where to go on your next vacation. Discuss rewards for good behaviour, and your kids will be more motivated to achieve them. Some experts say you should even allow children to choose their own punishments, as they will be more motivated to avoid them.

Which of these steps will you practice to make your family healthier and happier?

Nb. Collaborative post.