Quirky toys for boys

We have an array of toys in our house to suit both a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Beastie had a pretty impressive collection before his brother came along and it’s ever growing now there are two of them. Admittedly we haven’t bought as much for Baby Beastie, as that would just be plain silly and expensive and the hand me downs are doing pretty well so far.

Of course the boys are always going to get new toys. As they get older they find new interests and move onto different fads. We have all the usual toys you might expect from the major brands out there but I also love to find them toys and activities that are a little unique and not so ‘run of the mill’. It’s much nicer to get classic wooden toys that stand the test of time rather than plastic tat that makes lots of irritating noises and also eat endless amounts of batteries. You know they say kids are often more interested in the packaging than the actual toy? I think the same principle applies here.

This is where Melissa & Doug toys come in. They have a fantastic range of toys and games to suit most ages and interests. I love the fact that I have found so many great ideas for presents as well as buying educational toys for my two. There is something to be found for girls and boys alike, whether it’s designed for exploring, being creative or simply encouraging their imaginations.

As Beastie was a pre-school until July, I’m now experiencing his first school summer holidays and I have realised what a mammoth task it is to keep your kids entertained for weeks on end until the start of the Autumn term. We’ve been keeping busy as much as possible with a holiday and a weekend break sandwiched in. There will always be those days though where you just don’t have anything planned or the weather is particularly foul and I think it’s vital to have some back up plans (other than DVD’s) for keeping your children entertained without everyone driving each other crazy. You really don’t need to spend a fortune either.

I’ve already got my eye on a few bits and bobs that I would love for them to have. I know Beastie would really enjoy the pirate chest to indulge his imagination!

pirate chest

I’m trying to be more organised of late, is it too early to start thinking about Christmas…? Madness I know.