Making your bedroom that little bit cosier for Autumn

I recently wrote a post about ways to help you sleep better and following on from that, is this post about what things can make your bedroom that little bit cosier.

It’s pretty warm for September but I know that Autumn is creeping up fast and that nip will soon be in the air. Where the bedroom was once suffocatingly hot from the all of the humid weather we’ve been having, it’ll soon be cold enough to be wearing slippers and snuggling up with a throw.

So cosiness for me, is all about the warm lighting, candles and textured accessories that make your room more inviting to be in. During the summer months, I love the decor around me to be light and airy and fuss free but when it’s winter time, I bring in everything that brings warmth to the room.

We’ve had a large space at the end of our bed that was in need of a rug for some time.  Not only does it serve the purpose of covering an expanse of cream carpet that is ust asking for something to be spilt on it, but it also breaks up the whites and creams.

I love a rug placed here and there around the home and even more so when you have wooden flooring. We don’t have hard flooring but it’s just as needed to have them when you have carpets throughout your house.

This shaggy rug from JD Williams is luxuriously thick and blissful to sink your feet into. I think that I’d like another one on my side of the bed for when it’s really cold outside and it’s a struggle to get out from the the warmth of the duvet!

Nb. I was kindly sent this rug by JD WIlliams for the purpose of this review, all views and opinions remain entirely my own.