7 Ways To Entertain Your Guests On Your Wedding Day

Hiring entertainment on your wedding day can help to make it a fun and memorable event for your guests. There are lots of different types of entertainment to consider. Here are just some of the most popular options.

Live band

A live band could be one entertainment option to consider. By using sites such as https://www.alivenetwork.com/bandsearch.asp?style=Wedding%20Bands you can look for a band to suit your preferred style. Many bands allow you to choose the setlist so that you can decide the exact songs you want.


A DJ is the most popular option when it comes to musical entertainment. Your best option is to hire a specialised wedding DJ rather than a general DJ – wedding DJs are better at reading the crowd at a wedding and will be able to factor in the first dance and events such as cutting the cake. Consider recommendations when hiring a DJ and read reviews online such as this one https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.andycollinsdj.com to ensure that you hire a good quality DJ.

String quartet

For a more traditional and sophisticated music option, you could try hiring a string quartet. This can be a great form of entertainment to accompany the ceremony as well as possibly playing whilst people are initially arriving. String quartets can also be great for outdoor weddings as they don’t rely on having to plug in sound equipment.


You could also consider hiring a magician to perform at your wedding. This could be an ideal entertainment option for when you’re having your meal – you could hire the musician to go around each table and perform tricks whilst people are waiting for their food. Some magicians specialise in weddings and are able to put on more spontaneous performances in crowded places.


A firework display could be another form of entertainment to consider for later in the evening. By hiring a professional fireworks company such as http://www.kimboltonfireworks.co.uk/, you can put on an impressive display that could help you to celebrate the start of your marriage with a bang. Just make sure that the venues is suitable for a fireworks display.

Kids’ entertainer

If there are any kids attending your wedding, hiring a kids’ entertainer could be a great way to keep them occupied for the duration of the day. A kids’ entertainer may be able to plan activities such as treasure hunts, face-painting, arts and crafts and games like tug of war. This could be useful during stages of the wedding such as the speeches or the cutting of the cake, which kids may find boring.

Catering performers

It’s also possible to hire caterers that can also offer entertainment. This could include waiting staff that are able to sing and dance whilst serving food. You may even be able to hire a performing chef that is able to perform at the table. This could be a way of making your wedding dinner unforgettable for everyone.

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