3 Signs An Online Clothes Store Isn’t Worth Your Time

When it comes to buying clothes, the options are truly endless. There are so many choices online, from huge department stores to niche boutiques that cater only to a very specific section of fashion. In terms of choice, fashionistas have never had it quite so good.

One of the major benefits of this huge amount of choice is that it allows you to be discerning. With plenty of other options, you can move on to another store if one isn’t to your liking. The downside of this is that you can have spent a lot of time in a store, or browsing the website, before you realise it’s not for you.

To try and counter this lost time, why not insist on a few deal breakers? If a store doesn’t conform to these basic expectations, the chances are you’ll save a huge amount of time by just moving on immediately.

Deal breaker: Poor product descriptions

When buying online, you need details. The photographs should be nice, but ultimately, you need to know measurements, fabrics used, and other essential details. Some online stores really go all out to provide these details, from complete material information right down to providing the height of the model so you can judge garment lengths accurately. Other stores really don’t… If a store doesn’t provide thorough information about its garments, then you have to wonder what else they may be skipping on. As a result, it may be best to avoid the store entirely.

Deal breaker: The store doesn’t cater to a range of sizes

While a store choosing not to cater to a range of different sizes isn’t a deal breaker in and of itself, it does reveal a disturbing undercurrent: that this is a store that isn’t paying attention to current culture. The body confidence movement has been in full flow for several years now, so if a store is ignoring this and continuing to limit the number of sizes they offer, it suggests they’re not aware of current affairs and if that’s true, how ‘on trend’ can their fashion selections be? With plenty of incredible plus-size lines such as Chesca dresses available, there’s really no reason a store shouldn’t cater to a range of sizes, so this makes a definite deal breaker if you’d prefer to purchase from stores that take the time to stay abreast of cultural shifts.

Deal breaker: Restocking fees

Online stores tend to accept returns more readily than their physical counterparts for two reasons. First and foremost, the distance selling regulations require them to. Secondly, good stores understand that buying online is riskier for the buyer than buying in a store, and a great returns policy helps to mitigate that risk.

However, if a store introduces a restocking fee, they’re not willing to accept that buyers need assistance to feel confident when buying online. That’s outright lacking in empathy for their customers. While restocking fees are legal, they’re just plain unpleasant, and are therefore an effective deal breaker when trying to narrow down the options for which stores are worth your time.

In conclusion

The deal breakers above can help to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding the clothing stores that most deserve your business.

Nb. Collaborative post.