Is Quick-Step Vinyl Better Than Real Hardwood?

We all love genuine articles, but they can be very expensive. We are not afraid to look into something that replicates the real thing as long as it is good enough to present the same thing – and when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, sometimes it is even better than the real thing.

When it comes down to flooring, vinyl offers much more than just a perfectly placed floor. It offers cheaper pricing, ease of maintaining and general overall quality that is miles ahead.

Lets look at Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring in comparison to a real wooden floor.

Different Looks

When it comes to design and style, you’ll find many options with choosing vinyl from different brands and suppliers.

Having this many options is why many people prefer the vinyl product. The ranges are not just within the designs and colours, but also in what kind of flooring installation you choose. You can choose between clicking together boards or gluing down tiles to your preference, and the best part about it is it is easy to do on your own.

Install Yourself

Vinyl flooring becomes the perfect purchase for those desiring a little weekend activity. Due to its relative ease in installation, it provides a perfect pastime for those just wanting some alone time to work on something.

Having your planks or tiles cut to the size of the room ensures no swap and changing to lay those corner spots that are usually unfilled due to an off the shelf, one size to-go option. Should individual planks or tiles need to be replaced for any reason, you can take the single-piece up without disrupting your floor.

The saving on the budget from not necessarily requiring a professional on your floor is a great opportunity to be creative as well as cost-effective.


With Quick Step vinyl flooring, you find yourself with a solution that has more protection from accidents or spills due to a range of researched and manufactured safeguards for maximum durability.

Threats like moisture and heat in the air will not make tiles or boards rise or come loose and with a cushioned texture you can be assured that items would bounce instead of break. No need to buy more plate and tumbler sets any time soon.

Anti-stain properties developed into the vinyl means that most of the time a simple wet wipe or cloth will soak up the offending party like it never happened.

No more hiding sections of your floor with a rug or coffee table from visitors or awkward moments due to a dropped glass of the red. You have safety under your feet as well as in your bank account.

Quick-Step Pulse Click luxury vinyl is a fabulous product to have within the home and a much cheaper alternative to real hardwood that also protects against the threats hardwood faces daily.

 Nb. Collaborative post.