Despicable Me ReadyBed® for the Minion mad

Yep ready beds themed with minions for the minion mad – that would be my two! Luckily they got to try out two matching beds to use when we have guests, when we go away or even because they simply fancy a change from their own beds.

Ever since their Despicable Me ReadyBeds arrived in the post, the boys have been obsessed with them. So much so that Beastie slept in his the first night tucking it right up close to his brothers bed all night.

The beds are designed to be rolled up and then tucked inside an attached bag or more like a hood that attaches together. It closes with a velcro strip and is ready to be carried with a handle.

They’re incredibly easy to assemble with the manual pump that is included, it’s basically like inflating a lilo. Just don’t remove the actual bed from the cover before inflating like my husband suggested 😉 You then can’t get the cover back on! Although they didn’t take too long too inflate I think I might be tempted to inflate them with our electric pump next time, it would probably take two seconds flat.

The pillow part inflates so that it provides a pillow of sorts. You can easily place a pillow there if it’s not providing enough support, mine don’t seem to mind going without one though. The cover zips up like on a regular sleeping bag and is also fully removable and washable, so like a sleeping bag you can keep it fresh for what will hopefully be many years of use.

They both posed in one bed and insisted on squeezing in Bob and Kevin too – kind of essential really! Apparently they’re really comfy and both boys would happily swap their beds in favour of these inflatable ones. So a big thumbs up from my two.

_AJW8874 _AJW8894

I’ve no doubt that we’ll be getting lots of use of these beds and they will be coming with us on holiday when we go to Center Parcs in July – just in case they don’t like the beds they are given or all because it might just be a little more fun. Hopefully not because they want to camp on our bedroom floor…

Nb. We were sent a couple of Despicable Me Junior ReadyBeds for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinions are our own.