Give Your Windows a Treat

Windows are often the last part of any décor that is dealt with. Then there are so many options it can be difficult to know which to choose. The way you dress your windows can affect the overall style and atmosphere of your room though, and it is really important to get it right. The first thing you need to decide is if you want curtains, blinds, shutters or a combination of them. Then you can start looking closer at what is available.


You do not have to go back many generations to find a time when curtains were the only choice in the UK. Homes used to have summer curtains and heavier ones for the winter to help keep the warmth in. They were always hung at windows of course, but also often over doors as well. They were a good way of eliminating drafts.

These days the choice of curtains is endless, and with central heating, it is probably not necessary to have lightweight ones for summer and heavier ones for the winter months.

The curtains should not overpower the rest of a room but should complement the décor. Often, light flimsy materials are a good option as they will let more natural light in.


For many years, window shutters were associated with other countries such as America, Australia and ones in the Mediterranean.  Over the last few years, their use has spread to other parts of Europe, including the UK. Plantation shutters, for instance, are fixed to the inside of your windows and they have many advantages.  For one thing, they are easy to clean. They’re also low maintenance, provide privacy, give you flexible light control and use very little space. Because you can have the shutters closed and your windows open, you can control the amount of airflow into your rooms, and still have this while keeping neighbourhood cats out.

They are available in many different materials and colours, and as the market for them is growing so fast, you will have not problem finding suppliers and installers for shutters of any type.


There are so many different types of blinds it can be mind-boggling trying to choose the right one. The very first ones date back centuries when in some hotter countries a piece of material was fixed to a pole and hung at a window to keep the sun out. As they progressed over the years, slatted blinds were invented. Now there are Roman blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds and many more. One of the advantages is that they can be made to fit any size and shape of windowed, even awkward odd shaped windows not being a problem.

You can buy them in any colour and material you want, including waterproof ones for bathrooms and kitchens.


Combinations of blinds and curtains, or shutters and curtains are not uncommon. This is because them you have the advantages of both. It may cost a little more to do it this way, but when you have just finished decorating the rest of your room, your windows deserve a treat.

Nb. Collaborative post.