A venture into our local rapeseed field

It’s been a couple of years since we last ventured into a rapeseed field to get some family photos and since we moved to Norfolk, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that they’re everywhere here!

The yellow fields are absolutely beautiful at this time of the year and quite breathtaking when they stretch far and wide, like many do here. After what feels like a long winter, to drive through the countryside alongside all the vibrant fields is quite literally a breath of fresh air.

This field is literally on the edge of the village that we live in and fairly easy to access too. We didn’t really feel comfortable about just sneaking in this field though, so my husband did some digging about and found out who the local farmer was that owned the field.

As we wanted to do some filming and use the drone, we thought that it might be best to seek permission from the farmer and luckily for us, he was more than obliging for us to use his field.

We were really lucky with the weather and it was actually quite balmy and we could have easily have wandered on and on through the fields. You can see on the video footage at the bottom of the post, just how far the rapeseed stretched. It was just so peaceful too, with only the sound of birdsong and the odd buzz around us (not including the rather large buzzing sound of the drone!).

We knew that this would be a good opportunity to make a video while we were there taking some photographs. The boys really enjoyed wading through the plants and having the drone fly above and Georgie was happy to sit picking pieces up from the ground.  Of course, above all else, we have captured some footage and photos to treasure forever.