A scandi inspired bathroom

I think we all think about what we would like if we were able to have the bathroom of our dreams. My mind runs away with me when I think about the possibilities. You can have it exactly the way you want it to look and you know that another family hasn’t used it before. When we bought our first property, we bought a new build flat and I must admit that it was nice knowing that the toilet and everything was brand new and sparkly from the start.

We now have a much larger bathroom and one that would be perfect for sprucing up scandi style (if we owned it that is!).  It’s a simple bathroom and I think that’s the way they should be. I like it uncluttered and with only the essential things needed in there and as it’s mainly for the children and people who come to visit, it definitely needs to be kept more presentable.

It’s tiled like a washroom in a sandstone type tiling and is actually nice enough as it is but it’s not as we would choose for it to be and if I could choose, I would go for more interesting flooring and minimalistic, white walls. I love wood styled with white.

I think tiled floors are much more practical and I’d definitely go for some lovely danish patterned tiles where you could have accents of the blue around the room.

A brick wall would look great where the bath is and the bath could be freestanding with the walk in shower – like these ones – right next to it.  I’m much more of a shower person and a good powerful shower is a major must for me. A bathroom wouldn’t be right without a bath though and besides the kids using it, you just can’t beat having a lovely soak from time to time, with some candles dotted about.

We don’t have a unit at the moment, so the toilet rolls are stored in a basket on the window sill. One simple shelving unit can house all of the necessities, whilst keeping other bits and pieces tucked away in drawers or in a cupboard.

So what would you choose for your ideal bathroom?

Nb. This is a collaborative post.