Layering necklaces with Muru Talisman

I find that I’m rarely without a necklace at the moment and I’m loving the current trend of layering necklaces.

Muru Talisman have some stunning designs and lots of choice too. I knew that I wanted a couple of necklaces that would compliment each other as well as each having some meaning.

I always favour wearing rose gold, so it was an obvious choice to opt for. I have a silver beaded chain that I love, so I knew that I wanted to go for beaded chains again for both of these necklaces. The detail makes them a little more interesting and they certainly feel like they’re a little stronger than a plain chain. Luckliy there is a lot of talismans to choose from with the style of chain I chose too.

I was instantly drawn to the the starfish talisman. It signifies calm and renewal and they are thought to inspire tranquility and vitality in our daily lives. It’s a simplistic design and is great to wear with tops that have higher necklines.

The star of the show though is definitely the purity mandala. This one signifies health and happiness and is a sacred simple that represents the circle of life and the universe. It is thought to encourage unity and harmony is our daily lives.

I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewellery on the whole but I’ve really taken to putting these on and there is rarely a day that goes by when I’m not wearing them both. I like to think too that they have a positive bearing on my life and perhaps give me a little luck.

They are timeless pieces that I will treasure and wear for many years. Do you have anything that you wear that you wouldn’t be without?

Nb. I was gifted both necklaces from Muru Talisman for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions remain entirely my own.