What to consider when choosing prints for your home

If you want to really make a stamp on your home, then there is no better way to express that than with your choice of artwork and prints you choose to hang on the walls.

There are an array of styles that you can go for and the wall art you choose is very much down to your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to go bold if you find something that you love but feel might be a bit too much, it might just work if you decide on the right spot.

There are always ways in which you can freshen up your living space by hanging prints and it’s an easy way to do so.

Choose a theme for each room

If you’re not sure on what style of prints you’re after, then it can be helpful to think about what kind of look you want to achieve. It’s often easier to base your ideas around the colour scheme of your chosen room and work from there.

If you have a largely monochrome room, then black and white prints would be a good starting point. Then once you have found artwork based around those colours, you can then start to decide on what type of theme will best suit the space.

Decide on your frames

Not only do you need to decide on what artwork to go for, but you also need to consider what type of frames you are going to use for your pictures. Depending on the colour scheme in your home, then you might be looking for white, black or wooden frames to blend in with your home decor.

If you’re not sure about what type of frame to choose, then you can always opt for canvas prints that can be hung straight up on the wall as they are. They make a great choice if you’re choosing a larger photo print, as the quality remains great when printed in larger dimensions on canvas. If you’re also worried about the weight of a standard photo frame, then a canvas might be a good option seeing as they’re generally much lighter in weight and also benefit from not having the glare that glass and acrylic fronted prints have.

Have a gallery wall

This is the perfect opportunity to go wild with your choices of design. When it comes to a gallery wall, the possibilities are endless. Whether you simply want to use it as a space to collate your family photos or perhaps use it to have a variety of prints that compliment each other. You can space them however you like and choose a selection of frames in differing sizes and colours.

Mix and match

Make more of a statement by mixing your prints with artwork and quotes. Choose quotes that have meaning to you and resonate with you when you read them. Not only will they serve a purpose for you and your family, but any visitors will also see them too. It gives your home personality and a sense of wellbeing.

Above all else, don’t be afraid to showcase pieces that you really love and by hanging prints and artwork, you can really express yourself and bring more life into your home.

Nb. Collaborative post.