Children’s games rooms

Children will always want to play, and they do not care where they do it. Often a family home can look more like an untidy toy store if the kids do not have somewhere they can call their own. Make your home a space for adults as well as one for the children by giving them a dedicated games room.

Why bother with a kids’ games room?

For one thing, it keeps the rest of the house tidy. No more tripping over toys in the lounge or having to move toys from kitchen counters before being able to cook the dinner. Apart from keeping the house tidy, a dedicated kids’ games room gives children the freedom to play with each other away from the restricting eyes of parents.

Deciding on the décor

The first thing to decide on is what colour the games room is going to be. Girls may want a pink or purple colour theme, while boys may prefer a blue, green or red colour theme. If the games room is going to cater to both, it is probably best to have a neutral colour scheme, opting for soft browns, whites and greys.

Decorating does not have to be expensive. Wall paint is relatively cheap, and a room can be painted within a day. A good budget alternative for laminate or hard wood flooring, or a plush carpet, can be carpet or vinyl tiles. These also have the advantage of being easy to remove and replace should they become soiled.

Make sure there is plenty of natural light available, and avoid heavy and expensive window dressings that will simply get in the way and collect dust. A far more practical alternative is easy-clean shutters, which are streamlined and allow the sunlight to be regulated.


Once you have decided on the décor, you have to start furnishing the room. The room is going to need seating, and as it is for kids, this does not have to be formal. Beanbags are great for kids’ rooms; they are comfortable and can be easily moved around to where the children want them. Make use of bookcases to store board games, books, and DVDs, and use transparent storage boxes in them to keep smaller, loose items in.

Games to include

Children will naturally have their own favourite games, but good ones to include that get children playing together include a football table or an air hockey table. Kids also love their computers, so try to include a games console such as a Wii. Remember to include the more traditional style of games to get their eyes away from the television and computer screen. Board games are always popular, and the classics, such as Monopoly and Scrabble, can be played by all ages.

Creating a games room for your children can be a great family endeavor. Get your children involved in designing the room, for then they can ensure that the room contains all the things that they would like it to and that it is especially theirs.