24 weeks pregnant in a rapeseed field

I haven’t written about my pregnancy since I made my announcement on here at 14 weeks, a whole 10 weeks ago now. As I’ve reached this milestone it’s made me reflect on my previous pregnancy and I went and had a little peek at what I was saying and feeling back then in December 2011! I wonder what I would have been saying about my first pregnancy had I been blogging? I think that probably would have been hilarious for me to read. I know my thought processes and perceptions would have been very different back then.

It’s interesting to read that people pointed out that my bump was compact as I have had similar remarks now, although people seem to state how small I am all the time. Sometimes I think I may be carrying slightly different but then at other times I’m not sure. It’s funny how the mind forgets certain aspects and how third time around I am certainly no expert on being pregnant. I’m more a pregnant person ‘a bit more in the know’.

As I’m getting bigger, I am finding that slowing down is a necessity and I find that damn right frustrating. At the moment when I get free time, my mind is racing with what I can accomplish in that free time and yes I’ve still been trying to whip round like I would without a bump. It’s only when I start to feel things pulling under my tummy that I am forced to slow down to probably what might be an average persons pace and I walk fairly quickly everywhere and slowing down doesn’t come naturally. I guess I’m too impatient.

However, I managed to pace myself today as we went on a long walk and I actually didn’t struggle or end up holding my tummy. I was just lagging behind and had to be waited for a lot but I managed it. It really was quite a novelty to have two boys scooting along and no buggy in sight. It’s been over six years sans buggy. So they’ll just be a brief interlude until that’s all going to change again…