What Hannah Did Next


Blush and grey bedroom inspiration

I'm always thinking of new additions to our home and one area that I keep meaning to change is our bedoom. It actually has units built in which obviously means that we are limited as to what we can do with it but in actual fact, it helps keep things simple. The units are white,

Autumn update: The reading nook

Now that the weather has started to turn a bit nippy, my thoughts quickly turn to how I can make home that little bit cosier. The candles come straight out, along with all the throws and fairy lights. I love this time of year before it really starts to get cold, but the nights are

My 6 top picks for luxury garden items

Taking the indoors...outdoors The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous and without wanting to jinx it, it's apparently set to stay for a little while yet. This means of course that we can spend a lot more time outdoors and most importantly our kids can make the most of playing out in the fresh

Upcyling a nest of tables using Pinty Plus chalk spray paint

The lounge update project continues and this time I focused on a nest of tables that we inherited.  They were dark wood with some sort of veneer finish and not in terribly good condition. Working with Pinty Plus again, I decided to choose some chalk spray paint to bring them up to date. My original

Creating a tropical art gallery with Wayfair

Recently I was thrilled to become a member of the Home Expert programme with Wayfair and this month they asked a few of us to create a gallery wall using some pieces from The Art Group. The themes were entirely our choice and I enjoyed looking for inspiration that would lead me to the the

A little room goal inspiration

One of my favourite things to do from time to time is to dream about what I would have in my own home, if money were no object. It's like when you fantasise about winning the lottery and you go a little crazy thinking about what you would actually spend the money on. Our home

Grey and yellow lounge inspiration

Since we moved, I've been whole heartedly throwing myself into getting our place the way that we want it. Most of the rooms are a blank canvas, so it's fairly easy to incorporate our chosen colour schemes. Sadly as we rent, we can't change things exactly to our taste and we do unfortunately have to

A scandi inspired bathroom

I think we all think about what we would like if we were able to have the bathroom of our dreams. My mind runs away with me when I think about the possibilities. You can have it exactly the way you want it to look and you know that another family hasn't used it before.

Make your own wire memo board

After I posted about my peg board the other day, I've been keen to get on with other projects and especially ones that are cost effective and quick to turnaround. How often do you see ideas that you like but they're often more than you're willing to shell out on? I'd been trying to organise

Make shelving for your peg board

I'd been lusting after a pegboard for quite a while but it was one of those things that I couldn't quite justify buying for myself. There was always something that I needed more and I simply never got around to it getting one. It was one of those 'I want rather than need' items. I'm