Bedroom update ideas for a 3 year old girl

I love Georgie’s bedroom and she’s fairly lucky in the fact that it’s a decent size. She has plenty of room for her furniture, toys and a decent sized space in the centre of the room for her to play.

Her cot bet is designed to last until age 5 but already I can see that as a growing little girl, she would benefit from upgrading to a single bed sooner rather than later. It also makes it so easier to get bedding for and it means that there is a lot more room to squeeze in with her when she’s having trouble settling at night.

So naturally this has got me thinking about getting a few new pieces to update her room – now that she’s starting to a get bit bigger and have different interests. She’s also welcoming of new items and it’s a pleasure to see her enjoy them, as her brother’s simply never batted an eyelid at anything new for their room and are much the same now.

I’ve seen lots of beds at Lionshome that would work really well in her room. I really love the idea of a wooden framed four poster bed that can be decorated with lights and I also love traditional metal framed beds like these children’s beds.

We’ll be getting her a new one soon, so I need to decide which I think will be more practical but I think my favourite is definitely the Scandinavian style of the four poster bed. It can be kept simple or dressed up and it really makes a great feature of the room.

The room doesn’t need too much to transform into a place to hang out more in. It could do with a big rug to act as the centre piece in the room and a place to be used for playing on. As well as some cushions dotted about on her bed and chair, a chunky throw and perhaps some floor cushions or a bean bag.

There is a hook on the ceiling in her room that was obviously used to hang a net by the previous little girl that had the room. A voile net would look lovely hanging from the hook and could be made to look even prettier with some fairy lights draped around it. It would make the perfect hideaway for her to snuggle up in and read her books or play on the tablet. I love that this is a really inexpensive way to create a space like a teepee would but has the advantage of taking up less floor space, as well as being able to hang it over the bed if you wish.

I have so many ideas for her room as as she gets older. I will incorporate more items that she will love as time goes on and I have the money to buy them.  I currently have a dressing table that is a little small for my needs and I know that she would adore it in her room (pkus that means that I get to upgrade mine too!). She’s already taking so much interest in makeup and having her nails painted, that she would love to have a little place that’s just hers to sit at.

Nb. Collaborative post.