Top Rated Travel Destinations in Guatemala

If you’re looking for a place to vacation that has a little something for those who like to explore new worlds, but has plenty of attractions for the old school/old world individual, you will find the best of both worlds by visiting travel destinations in Guatemala. There is a mixture of elements here from the native Maya people and Spain. These elements allow visitors to explore distinctive cultures throughout Guatemala’s rich countryside. The natural beauty and diverse history make this destination not just another scenic site; but interesting, entertaining, and educational.


Ancient wonders and unrivaled beauty make up one of the top tourist attractions in Guatemala –Northern Guatemala’s rainforest attraction, Tikal. The name itself translates to either “place of tongues” or “place of voices”. Once upon a time, more than a quarter of a million people bustled around this busy used-to-be city. What is left behind today are stunning ruins of a once-booming ancient metropolis. Amazing specimens such as macaws, deer, parrots, monkeys and more are just a sampling of the wildlife viewable on a daily basis. In order to adequately appreciate this natural diamond in the rough, plan on devoting two days of your vacation.

Lago de Atitlan

Most lakefront property owners will tell you that they live on the “most beautiful lake in the world”. The thing is, at this Guatemalan highland located seen a destination – it’s true. This is natural splendor at its best. The city of Pananajachel is the portal to Lake Atitlan and the natural world of ancient people such as the Mayans. As with most lake or water attractions, this beautiful site offers scuba diving and exploration; but also the opportunity to learn a little Spanish.

Santa Catalina Arch

Source: The Telegraph

In 1773, the town of Antigua was decimated by an earthquake. Until then, it had been Guatemala’s capital city. Now, a peaceful provincial town has taken the place of what was once the vibrant capital city. Hermitages, universities, cathedrals, and palaces display an undeniable Spanish architecture in old world styling. This is Guatemala’s charming Jewel. During holy week, carpets of flowers line the streets with the floats and parades taking center stage. This breathtaking sight is signified by the Santa Catalina Arch itself.

Chichicastenango Market

If, while asking around for shopping destinations, someone mentions “Chichi” – this is what they are referring to. It is unmistakably the most vibrant and brightest native market in Guatemala City and beyond. (Actually, it’s approximately three hours southwest of the city itself). You won’t go home empty-handed with all of the fireworks, pottery, wood crafted articles, masks, clothing, textiles, and local fabrics available at this market. This is also a prime location for celebrating fiestas, feasts, festivals, and more.



For those in search of an oceanfront location that’s a tad off the beaten path, the volcanic beach and black sands of Monterrico are exactly what you’ve been looking for. If for just a moment, you need to escape reality, there’s no better place than this. The waters are for experienced swimmers only, but the beauty, peaceful surroundings, and view are for one and all. Local sea sanctuaries love introducing visitors to their beloved sea turtles while imparting pertinent information about conservation and environmentalism.

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