The Christmas countdown with the Magical Elf Door

Do you have an elf door in your home? The countdown to the beginning of December is always an exciting time in our house. Not only if is the start of advent but it signals the arrival of our elf, Jack. He’s been visiting us for a few years now and the children get very excited about his annual trip to stay with us. It almost seems like this time of the year is here in the blink of an eye and the excitement of Christmas impending, always goes up a notch when the 1st December arrives.

Why get an elf door?

We already have adopted a few of our own traditions like a Christmas Eve box filled with goodies such as hot chocolate and pyjama’s to wear on Christmas Eve, along with personalised Santa sacks for the big day itself. I have never wanted to go too crazy with introducing too many things, because of course it all can get a little overwhelming and quite a lot of hard work too!

However, I was was very excited to introduce them to this Magical Elf Door, as I knew it would add another magical dimension to this special time of the year.  It comes freestanding (but you can fix it to the wall with the adhesive stickers included if you wish) and with a switch to turn on the light – which really makes it super mesmerising for little ones.

The kids love that Jack now has a little portal to take him straight back to the North Pole every night. They will be receiving special letters from Santa’s helpers every day, so the fact that there is an elf door that performs magic, will only add to their excitement.

The detail on the elf door is so lovely, complete with a doorbell (no sound) and a letterbox (non opening). It looks really oldy worldy and just as you’d imagine the doorways to be. It’s a great keepsake to have in the house that can be brought out year after year and loved throughout the generations.

elf door

You can switch about the signs too with different messages and that really makes it very quirky and more personalised for your children. Just remember to keep the signs in a safe place ready for when you want to swap them around annually to keep the kids guessing.

elf door

This has to be the sweetest elf door I have seen and I think it works quite well placed around the chimney breast in our lounge. If you love a fairy door then this is just as enchanting and anything that helps keep the magic alive at Christmas time is good in my book.

elf door

Elf for Christmas have some wonderful ideas to make Christmas that little bit more magical and another one of my favourites is the advent letters. Each pack comes with 24 individual letters that have been written from an elf. It’s a great way to encourage your child to write letters back to their little pen pal, who is giving them an insight into life in the North Pole! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your family, then it’s a great place to take a look and see what might work for your kids.

I know that our elf door will be marvelled over for many more years to come and it makes such a wonderful tradition to start up, if you’re keen to make family traditions part of your yearly fun. If you don’t particularly have any, then it’s a great place to start for little ones.

elf door

Nb. We were sent the Magical Elf Door for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinions remain our own.