Big Changes

It doesn’t take much for me to be quiet on my blog lately. Life can be pretty hectic most days and I do struggle to find a happy medium where I can do all I need to and set time aside for the blog. In a nutshell, I managed blogging with more ease with only one Beastie!

Anyway one of the main reasons I have been finding life busy is the fact we have moved. It all happened rather fast and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. We made the decision to move in with my husbands family while we rent out our flat. This way we hope to save lots of pennies to one day buy that house (and garden!) we have been dreaming of.

So big changes all round and not least for the boys. What I am loving is the fact they now have a bigger bedroom to share which also doubles up as a playroom for them. Their old bedroom was so crammed to the rafters with their beds and cots and chest of drawers that they had no room to actually play and have their toys in there. Beastie also found it very hard to settle at night in there and just didn’t enjoy it like a child should with their ‘own’ room.

This is where their new room is going to be different. We have given them as much floor space as possible by putting their beds in one corner, one big boy bed and one cotbed. My husband was keen to take down the cot sides for Baby Beastie but I didn’t feel the need to do this yet. He hasn’t made another bid for freedom for quite a while and the longer I can keep him contained in his cot the better. When Beastie was set loose, we ended up with him in our bed for another year and I am keen to prevent history repeating itself. As the cotbed is still up then the baby monitor will stay in place. He has a movement sensor mat under his mattress and unlike his brother, he doesn’t set it off all of the time. It’s piece of mind for me and as long as he stays put in his bed, it shall stay put.

It also means his big brother can get in to keep him company and look after him from time to time. That’s what big brothers are for…