Why Padstow is The Perfect British Holiday Destination

Once a thriving fishing port, Padstow has slowly seen a decline in trade in recent times as the economy shifted. Fortunately, the significant increase in tourism has helped Padstow continue to thrive, allowing the small town to develop into a world-class holiday destination.

Now considered one of Cornwall’s premier holiday resorts, Padstow is a charming town with enough to keep you captivated no matter how long your stay. From local celebrations like the Obby Oss to the golden sands of Hawkers and St George’s Cove, here’s why Padstow should be your next holiday destination.

Countless Activities For All Ages

As we go through the list, you’ll find that this eclectic town has something for everyone. If your stay is long enough, you can dedicate each day to exploring one of the many sights on offer. Those who love the water can enjoy surfing some perfect waves, while those who prefer to stay dry can take a boat trip along the scenic coastline.

Adrenaline junkies are sure to keep their hearts racing on the Hangloose skywire and the Flambards theme park, which features everything from an exhilarating roller coaster to a SkyRaker. Those who want to dive into the culture of Padstow will be spoiled for choice by the many architectural sights and museums.

Padstow holidays can be organised with ease thanks to sites such as harbourholidays.co.uk. Their affordable range of accommodation options includes cottages, homes, and apartments with all the amenities you’ll need on your holiday. With their online booking tool, you can find the perfect accommodation based on your requirements.

Harbour Holidays offers homes and cottages in every corner of Padstow, as well as surrounding areas. Your stay can be customised to your liking, with durations between three and 21 days. In order to really get an idea of all there is to do in Padstow, let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy activities.

The Padstow Coffee Company

Nothing beats a good British coffee and nobody makes them better than the Padstow Coffee Company. Each cup is filled with the essence of carefully selected, expertly blended and locally roasted beans. The shop also offers visitors a chance to taste some of the unique blends on offer, as well as demonstrations for you to see just how their coffee is made.

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Center

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply looking to see some amazing technology that few people get to witness in their lifetime, the local Aviation Heritage Center is most definitely worth a visit. A five-star rating on TripAdvisor is a testament to the lengths the organisers have gone through to ensure that the experience is fun for all ages.

With rare exhibits featuring cold-war jet fighters and bombers, as well as an unforgettable flight experience over the Cornish coastline, it’s hard to believe that admission prices are as low as £10.50 for adults, with child and family discounts.

The Coastline

Speaking of coastlines, there’s no denying that the beaches of Padstow are second to none when it comes to variety. If you’re not a fan of large crowds, Hawker’s Cove is a great place to start. This quiet, charming beach can be explored for up to 1.5 miles away from the coastline at low tide, making it the perfect place for a walk with your dog.

St George’s Cove is a little more popular thanks to its easy access and bright, lush surrounding vegetation. The nearby estuary is a sight to behold and thanks to its eastward-facing position, St George’s cove is very sheltered from wind and ocean swells, making it a great place to spend the day with family.

Prideaux Place

Prideaux Place was built in 1592 and is owned by the Prideaux-Brune. It’s open to visitors, allowing you to explore its vast Elizabethan architecture and unique walled gardens. There’s also a nearby deer park for wildlife enthusiasts to capture some great shots of the local fauna.

The Camel Trail

Cycling trails can be great, with scenic views and a constant breeze of fresh air on your face. But elevation changes can make them tiring, leaving you hot and sweaty before you’re halfway through. Fortunately, The Camel Trail remains incline-free along the entire course of its 17-mile route, making for a relaxing and visually-stunning ride.

Padstow Harbour

The great thing about the local harbour is that you can do much more than just look at it. Locals are more than happy to offer everything from relaxing boat trips to exciting angling activities. Wildlife enthusiasts will be spoiled by the local fauna, which includes dolphins, puffins, seals, and a rare basking shark sighting or two depending on when you’re there.


These are just some of the countless family-friendly activities that Padstow has to offer. No matter how long your stay, you’ll be spoiled for choice year-round. If you’re visiting in May, be sure to check out the Obby Oss festival for a fun and unique celebration.

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