Why Archery is the Perfect Sport for your Kids

Sports teach your children lifelong lessons that are necessary for growing up into a responsible adult. It encourages a healthy lifestyle.  Archery is the perfect sport for your kids as it focuses on building your child’s confidence, social skills, and teaches them self-discipline. It teaches your kids’ leadership skills and enhances their social skills.

Everyone can enjoy archery as it holds no boundaries to age, sex, and physical ability. It is a year-round sport that encourages family time. If you are wondering why archery is the perfect sport for your kids, here are a few reasons why:

Health Benefits of Archery

Archery provides numerous health benefits. Every time your children pull the bow, it strengthens their upper body, chest, and core muscles, as well as non-core muscles like the rotator cuffs. The energy required to pull the bow burns calories.

Although archery is mostly a stationary sport, archers walk a minimum of 4-5 miles a day to collect the target board’s arrows. As a result, this improves the cardiovascular system. Therefore practicing regularly would strengthen and develop your child’s core and heart muscles, which would enhance their quality of life.

Enhances their Mental Skills

Do your children take stress during exams? Do they lack focus?  Archery is a sport that requires a great deal of focus and concentration. It teaches your kids to tune out all distractions and focus on the task at hand. With a calm and relaxed body, archers can concentrate on their target and hit the bullseye. Archery is regarded as Yoga for archers.

By firing arrows, you can relieve any unwanted stress. Stress can cause high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, and other illnesses. Hence, through archery, your children would learn how to handle pressure and avoid stress, even in the most challenging situations.

Teaches you Self Control

Sometimes children lack self-control. Kids often expect instant gratification and reward. Archery is a sport that teaches your children patience and self-control. These qualities help your kids focus on achieving their targets through constant practice, determination, and motivation. It instills in your children the concept of delayed gratification.

A kid who has mastered self-control would have a much better focus on achieving their goals. It is essential to understand that failure is part of success, and if you don’t fail, that just means you aren’t aiming high enough. Young archers learn there’s nothing like a bad shot and that perfection and success only come through mastering self-control, patience and practice.

Teaches Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Sports provide a positive environment for shy kids to enhance their social skills. Even though everyone is responsible for their performances in archery, it still offers a gateway for teamwork. Archery teaches your children the rules of engagement, collaboration, and how to deal with success as well as failure. This promotes discipline as the kids learn how to respect each other’s performance. They learn to accept the responsibility of any outcome as a team rather than blaming one another. Archery provides a healthy platform for some fun discussions at the shooting range or at a tournament. Target archery offers the perfect environment for building teamwork and improving communication skills.

Completely Safe

The US archery suggests beginning your kid’s archery training by the age of 8. The kids are given thorough safety instructions before starting their sessions.  They are made to wear protective gear such as wrist guards before they enter the shooting range. This avoids the possibility of your kids getting hurt when operating the bow and arrow. The shooting range is cleared before they start the practice sessions. By nature, archery is not a very active sport, reducing the risk of any fatal injury.

Available Year-Round

Various sports, such as football, baseball, or soccer, are dependent on weather. Such is not the case with archery. Archery is not a seasonal sport as it can be practiced both outdoors and indoors. Therefore, archery keeps you physically and mentally fit all year round.

Archery Promotes Physical Activity

Archery promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing an outlet that helps keep the kids active in an enjoyable manner. It aids in leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle when practiced regularly all year long. It demonstrates to your children how to focus and concentrate on their target. It teaches them the importance of self-discipline. Many sporting equipment pieces cost an arm and a leg, but such is not the case with archery. Archery equipment is reasonably priced and is easily available.

Hence, if you want to boost your child’s self-esteem and improve their physical and mental health then it is safe to say that archery would be the perfect sport for your children.

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