The Gallery – My Blog

The theme this week over at Tara’s blog Sticky Fingers is simply My Blog.

Well this is an interesting one, last week I was completely stumped and admitted defeat! I couldn’t think, how rubbish, but it happens to us all sometimes. This week however I have my mojo back and am joining in the fun.

First of all, I too stumbled into the blogging world and when I look back (two months ago) I struggle to remember exactly what led me where. What I do know is that it was my husband who suggested I start a blog, he read a bit about ‘Mummy blogging’ and thought I should give it a whirl, so here I am. We had been scratching our heads for ages trying to think of an online business idea when he saw that blogging may be useful. Well we don’t have a business idea yet…but it led me here for which I am very pleased.

So here I am with my blog and thanks to my super duper clever husband, has been designed the way I wanted to be. After I was getting very frustrated with it ‘not looking right’ he has created what I had in mind. In the process he has found a passion in designing and all things techie! I am very proud of him and want him to pursue his talent.

When I wrote my first post I was delighted to get some comments and quickly realised how supportive this community is. Then as I got a little more confident I started to personalise more and more and join in all the meme’s (I never would have imagined these existed either). Who ever would have thought blogging could keep you so busy? it’s just like a bandwagon, sometimes I feel like I am running after it! but when you jump on again it’s still the same happy place (mostly!).

Here is the photo from my first post and Beastie was always going to be the main star of the show! I have always loved taking photo’s but now I am always thinking of my blog too. For me it’s the perfect place to share and store memories of Beastie growing up, feel part of a warm and welcoming community, learn more about myself in the process as well as tapping into the massive resource which is hundreds of Mummy’s in the same boat. Many might I add with a lot more on their hands than me, I take my hat off to you all!