What’s in my hospital bag?


hospital bag

So here I am planning my hospital bag for the third (and final) time. Yet isn’t it crazy that even though I have packed a bag for each pregnancy, I still feel the need to ‘double check’ what I need to put in it? With my first child, researching and sourcing items for the bag was carried out with military precision and I had it organised and packed (and kept checking it all the time) at around 30 weeks. Little did I know I had approximately another 12 weeks to wait! Second time around I wasn’t so hasty and this time I just want to get organised because I need all the help I can get with organising myself and my family at the moment.

This one is straight forward, we all take toiletries with us when we are staying the night somewhere else. I’m not normally one for miniature versions of products but I thought these would be much easier than lugging the full size ones and I will at least use them all again. It then leaves more room for full size items such as my toothbrush etc…

As I had an emergency c-section first time around and I was completely unprepared with my choice of clothing I took with me. I had assumed that I would progress with a natural birth and took pyjama’s with me along with an oversized nightie to birth in. As I have a planned section again this time, I know what I will be comfortable in and how difficult it can be to have anything sitting against the wound. So I have a nightie that unbuttons down the front for feeding and also a camisole and shorts bought in a bigger size so that they practically hang off my hips! I know that I will be more relaxed in a two piece outfit once I am up and about. The dressing gown is for my modesty but is extremely lightweight and should be perfect for a hot stuffy ward in August.

These are my staple products that I used with my first child. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know works for you and in this case I have done. The only difference being is that I used Lansinoh nipple cream after the first birth and then switched to Medela with my second. When I was pregnant with my second I bought a small tube of Medela when I bought an electric breast pump at The Baby Show.  I think it cost £1 and I didn’t even use the whole tube!  Last week I headed off to Mothercare as I saw that Lansinoh was on offer but actually noticed that the full sized Medela tube worked out cheaper buy cialis overnight before the discount. I found the latter thicker in consistency but it worked no differently and was a godsend in the early days.

I have some lovely big full knickers to sport after my c-section and a couple of feeding bra’s, which I’ve actually been using throughout my pregnancy as they’re so comfy! Flip flops go without saying as I need something on my feet and also practical so that I can get them on without having to bend down – as I won’t be doing that very well post op. Finally these were my go to breast pads before and were without a doubt my favourite, all the others used to feel scratchy or simply weren’t big enough.

It goes without saying that my phone will be coming with me and also with the addition of this little video camera that shoots with the touch of one button.  This is called a RE by HTC and should I remember to get it out, it’ll be easy to capture some first moments without the faff of the phone.

The baby’s first outfit is here, with a bodysuit, babygro, hat, swaddling blanket (if she likes it) and some muslins. For now I’m assuming it’ll be pretty warm so I don’t think we’ll be needing a warmer suit or knitted blanket. All the babygro’s we have bought have inbuilt scratch mitts on the arms as I find that scratch mitts are impossible to keep on and then actually keep hold of. Added to her bits are nappies, nappy bags and wipes.


The extra’s include some makeup to make me feel more like me when we’re ready to go home and some little essentials that I always carry in my bag on a day to day basis. The only thing I won’t be taking is my purse as I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing that!

Although I was going to write a post on packing my changing bag anyway at some point, I thought this would tie in nicely with the quest to find Pink Lining Ambassadors – so this post will be my entry.  They make the loveliest changing bags and since my second child have been the only changing bags that I look at. There is something about them that stands out from the rest in my opinion and I haven’t looked elsewhere since.

I’ve previously had yummy mummy bags by Pink Lining but now have a lovely birdcage bramley tote waiting to have it’s first outing once the baby arrives. This is a birthday present to me from my Mum that she sent early but I’m sure she won’t mind me popping up a sneaky photo. It’s now back in the wardobe – honest 😉