Can Distinctive Vinyl Stand the Maximum Lifespan?

We all come to understand that everything in life is temporary, but when we spend money on something we all want the maximum amount of time from any kind of product. The same can be said towards the kind of floor you look for before spending a small fortune on something that simply looks good for a short while.

As an example, homeowners are now turning in huge numbers to more sustainable flooring due to recommendations from interior designers. The goal is to find the best durable market product, which falls into the realm of luxury vinyl flooring.


The first thing is always going to come down to your budget. It determines your must-haves from the like-to-have, and it’s vicious at times too. Distinctive vinyl flooring is a cost-effective option with individual sheets or tiles with not much price difference, the catch being it perfectly replicates real hardwood, stone and other designs.

Vinyl planks or tiles are also very easy to install and can save on the costs of hiring professional fitters by doing it yourself. With the sections cut to size and choosing between a choice of clicking together or glueing down with an adhesive, it gives you a great project to do on a slow day with no one to disturb you.

You will save on replenishing any tiles or sheets as they very rarely need replacing and can be pulled up individually with ease if you do.


Due to having a hard-wear layer and water-resistant protection, luxury vinyl flooring is great for any room in the house, especially those where water risk is high like in your bathroom and kitchen.

Scratches on your flooring are also not a concern due to anti-scratch manufacturing, but it helps to add to the security by adding felt pads on the feet of heavy furniture. With cushioning it is safe from any dropping glass or plates as vinyl is proven to give a bounce-off effect over smashes and chippings.

Easy Clean

Stains are an ugly and unwelcome entity on carpets or hardwood flooring, prone to discolouration no matter how many washes and treatments are used on them.

Distinctive flooring provides an easy-to-clean capability with simple warm soapy water and a sponge, easy to mop over or the use of a baby wipe and leaving no trace of any food, juice, wine, or mud that would leave an identity on regular flooring.

As luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to maintain, it’s no surprise that it is an ideal option for those families with children that will give flooring its challenges over the years. Whether it be trampling in mud from the garden to dropping ice cream, you can be sure that vinyl has you and your floor taken care of. Take a look at luxury vinyl flooring ranges, such as pine parquet flooring, from Distinctive vinyl flooring and see for yourself – this product is built to last.

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