Tips for Sightseeing with the Family

A sightseeing trip with the family is a great way to get everyone out of the house. But for the trip to go smoothly, it’s worth thinking about a few basic considerations ahead of time. Let’s run through a few top tips.

Plan in Advance

When it comes to planning, you’ll want to do as much as possible in advance. This will eliminate the stress of having to devise a plan while you’re already out and about. Asking your entire family to wait around while you consult your phone to see what time a museum opens is unlikely to impress anyone.

At the same time, there is such a thing as over-planning. Flexibility is key. Be sure to leave a little bit of time to get from one place to another, and to account for any minor setbacks. If you plan to race from one side of town to another as you leave one attraction and want to reach another, then you can be fairly sure that someone will need to go to the toilet.

Plan Lunch

Part of the fun of a great day out is stopping for a quality meal in the middle of it. Go somewhere where your children are going to be well catered for, and that you can drop in and out of easily. If you’re on your feet all day, a single meal might not be enough to keep you going, so be sure to bring along plenty of high-energy snacks. You needn’t eat all of them, but you’ll be grateful you did when tempers start to become frayed.

Book in Advance

Similarly, it’s worth booking your visits in advance wherever possible. This will allow you to avoid the disappointment that comes with missing out – and it’ll also allow you to skip those long queues.

Dress Appropriately

If you don’t dress for the place you’re visiting, then you might end up uncomfortable. Planning a walk through the woods? Then make sure you’ve got supportive boots and breathable clothes. Generally, you want to dress as practically as possible, in an outfit that can be adjusted as the temperature demands. You’ll be grateful you packed that hoody when the weather gets a little chilly in the evening!

Take a Backpack

Inevitably, you’ll need to take essential supplies with you when you’re out and about. That means a bottle of water, changes of clothes, a few snacks, and possibly a map of the area you’re visiting. A backpack will help you to do this while keeping both of your hands free to get around.

Don’t try to do too much

An entire day spent rushing from place to place is unlikely to be much fun. And, paradoxically, you might end up becoming so focussed on your next destination that you forget to fully appreciate the one you’re looking at – and so, while you might visit ten attractions, you’ll see less than if you just picked five.

Nb. Collaborative post.