In a girl’s world

I have been blessed with having two beautiful boys in my life and I am very much surrounded by people with boys. It’s just the way things have turned out and lots of our friends have had boys as well. The friends that do have little girls happen to live quite far away and we don’t have the opportunity to meet up very often.

I really don’t have much to do with the girly world (of the small variety) so I absolutely love it when I get the opportunity to buy a present for a girl! I mean who doesn’t love looking for clothes for a little girl? The last time I bought an outfit was for my friends firstborn girl over 2 years ago. I spent ages poring over the gorgeous little ensembles available. There is always so much choice for little ladies and I love the pretty tights you can buy to jazz up their outfits. Then of course you have beautiful shoes and accessories to choose from. Boys are much easier to buy for but it’s not half as much fun.

Soon enough I shall be shopping again for the impending arrival of another friends baby and it’s a girl. So yet again I get to indulge my pink and fluffy side and pick out something fit for a princess. It’s always hard to know exactly how people will dress their children and it’s not always the case that they will like them in pink. I know of some Mum’s who prefer their girls to have a slightly different style, veering away from the stereotypical colours assigned to girls. Some of course might be tom boys and simply not suit little dresses with frills on of any sort but I don’t think that I could personally resist. Especially for a newborn.