Save the Children: No Child Born to Die

This is a cause that no one can ignore and when you are a Mum is hits home even more so. Many mummy bloggers have long since posted their pieces so I will not repeat what has been said, so many people have written such fantastic heartfelt posts. I simply want to show my support, although I haven’t had time this week, I signed the petition straight away, first and foremost.

I am joining up with an army of Mummy bloggers to raise awareness. In the poorest countries, children are dying, at a rate too awful to think about. Basic illnesses claim 8 million young lives a year. It’s in our power to stop this. No child is born to die. You can read more at

You can however, as you are reading this, help right away.

You can sign the petition here to help end the health worker crisis.

Share on facebook and twitter and help spread the word. We can be a big loud voice shouting. We can be heard.

What you need to do:

  1.  Sign the petition.
  2. Then the challenge set by @HelloItsGemma and @michelletwinmum is to write 100 words about a great health professional you have encountered in your life and link up to @michelletwinmum here. Add a link to the petition and either link or add in some information from Save the Children about the #Healthworkers campaign
  3. Link to a number of other bloggers/ vloggers and ask them to do the same.
  4. Tweet about this, facebook mention it, remark on google plus, talk to your Mum on the phone, whatever you can do to spread this to just a few more people, please do it.

My 100 hundred words are:

‘I vaguely remember seeing my baby’s heartbeat on the monitor that was strapped around my belly, it was the normal procedure when being induced. My heartbeat and the baby’s next to each other. I remember seeing the concerned glances between my husband and my Mum when with each contraction my baby’s heartbeat was starting to decelerate rapidly. I knew what this meant but caught up in dealing with the pain and in my bubble it felt like everything was happening around me and not to me. Foetal distress are not the words you want to hear when you are in labour. I will be forever thankful to my midwife that there was no delay in delivering my baby via emergency caesarean’.

If all else fails, signing the petition will take you less than a minute…