Stepping up security for dark winter nights

One of the things that I hate most about the winter, is the dark nights. When once your home was opened up to the garden space during the summer months, winter brings everything indoors, meaning that time spent outdoors is usually limited to the day time.  What was our outside oasis in the summertime can become a no go zone in the depths of the winter.

You will usually find me hibernating inside but there are those occasions when I have to go out when it’s dark, be it to the driveway to get in the car, the garage or even the bins around the side of the house!

I actually find it better to sleep when it’s really dark outside and it suits me that our neighbourhood has no street lighting, in fact the whole of the village is without lamps. However, this means that our front and back garden gets extremely dark during the night and of course during the winter months, it starts early on in the day.

Unless I organise myself to take the rubbish out to the bins during the day, there will always be those times that I will have to pop outside when it’s dark. If you’re like me and get creeped out by the slightest thing, then LED security lights from LED Hut, provide the perfect solution for those times that you need to dash out.

They also work as a good deterrent should somebody decide to venture into your garden ‘uninvited’. Granted this may often be the local cats or wildlife but they just simply indicate that the lights are working as they should be and I’d rather the garden was illuminated for a short time, rather than not at all.

Roll on spring time, but in the meantime having some decent lighting outside makes it safer for everyone and provides peace of mind too.

Nb. Collaborative post.