Igniting Passions…of Interest!

I have been nudged asked kindly by The Crazy Kitchen and Mummy, Daddy and me makes three! to join in with Multiple Mummy‘s first ever meme! You can find Kerry’s reasons for creating this if you pop over to her blog, but basically she had to remember her interests/passions in life whilst at a dinner party and the pressure was on. Well she had no need to worry!
This has been a tricky one, it really makes you use your brain and remember what interests you have/once had. Nevertheless when I am asked to join in I will give it a go….
So here goes…
I love reading but of late (the last 2 years) I haven’t managed to really pick up a book and give it the undivided attention it needs. There are no prizes for guessing why but I am sure as time goes on I will be able to treat myself to the indulgence of reading alone in peace. I also get cross if I am interrupted so that’s my reason for not getting started! I love fiction, (from chick lit to thrillers) biographies and particularly stories based on true events.
My Dad is mad on books and somewhat of a fanatic on World War I and he never gets bored of his books which he will read over and over. When we used to go on shopping trips he would slope off to the local book shop and could be left for hours, although I feel cheeky sat reading a book I might not buy though. I also love the smell of bookshops and would also happily peruse the shelves for hours. Now I get excited about books for Beastie and even more so now he is showing signs of being a little book worm too, so I shall indulge that.
Now this is a popular one. For our anniversary a couple of years ago my husband and I treated ourselves to a DSLR camera. We haven’t regretted it for one moment as we have captured so many fantastic pictures of Beastie growing up and will have many more in the years to come. The downside is neither of us properly know how to use it, although my husband often wings it as he does with most gadgets. We even bought a longer lens and still know no more, so that is something that needs working on. I am proud when a picture comes out really well, so to have the knowledge behind the perfect shot would be an advantage and also using our camera to its full potential.

I nearly didn’t put this but thought I should as it is a passion. I have always been fascinated by the whole story, from the magnificence of the ship, the people on board to ultimately what happened. Obviously I am a fan of the blockbuster film but I will also watch documentaries on it and films such as ‘Raising Titanic’.

It grips me watching footage of the rusty old ship and also haunts me thinking of all the lost souls. During our honeymoon to Orlando my husband found an exhibition called ‘The Titanic Experience’ which we went to, to be fair we couldn’t go on any rides as I was pregnant so this was the next best thing (for me anyway!). I can look at artifacts recovered from the ship or replicated until the cows come home. Weird I know.


When asked about interests I will always include
travel. I haven’t been to the amount of places that I would like to have been by now but I hope to one day. I never did the whole ‘back packing’ experience or gap year but have seen a few places. When I was an air hostess I was lucky enough to tick a few boxes and be paid for it. Visiting Saudi Arabia will always be high up on my list, fascinating place but not one I will ever have the chance to visit again nor would I want to now. I very nearly moved to Australia as I got a position nursing over there but as fate would have it I met my husband around the time I had to make the decision. I turned it down and now I am married with a family so I wouldn’t change that decision for the world but I hope some day to visit Australia, with them in tow.
Blogging and Writing

I am fairly new to this blogging business but so far am pleased with myself that I have stuck with it. I finally have my blog the way I want, however I feel I need to focus a little more on my own posts and see where it takes me. I love writing posts that I really have an opinion on, sometimes I struggle to find topics that will bring out the best in my writing so that is why I won’t always post so much. I do enjoy blogging and once I get going I often surprise myself with what I can come up with in a short space of time.

As for writing well it’s one reason for starting up this blog, I don’t claim to be particularly good but I enjoy it anyhow. If I had applied myself properly at school then maybe I would have pursued a different field and gone into Journalism. I aspire to have something published but that is just a pipe dream!
I am also extremely pedantic with spelling, always have been. Spelling mistakes irk me and I read a lot into a person when I see mistakes *hopes none have been made in this post*.
Nb. Multiple Mummy we have had this discussion and your writing skills are superb.
I could think of a few more but these are probably the ones I have most to talk about. I have already discussed on Twitter all the usual interests such as shopping, watching trash tv and eating so I won’t go on about these…
Anyway if you have made it this far go and take a look at all the other entries over at Multiple Mummy and join in if you feel like it, it will make her day 🙂

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