Creating an outdoor space on a budget

We’ve now lived in our current house for over 18 months and it’s only recently that I’ve got around to making the outdoor space into something that we can relax in. Primarily we focused on getting the kids equipment to play on and a place to relax was simply put on the back burner.

I’ve wanted a rattan seating set for a while now and we were going to invest in one this year, but as usual bills cropped up and sadly we just couldn’t justify the expense! I did come to realise though that you don’t need to spend hundreds to make an outdoor space comfy and inviting.

My priority was to get some seating that we could comfortably lounge in and I instantly fell in love with these vibrant string seats and the table that accompanies them. They’re actually really nice to sit in but it’s always nice to have some extra padding and these tropical themed shower proof cushions from Ragged Rose really compliment the yellow chairs.

If you have existing furniture that needs a little overhaul then throws are always your go to option. The cushion on our steamer chair has become faded in the sun over the years and this gorgeous throw from Garden Trading is organic and is woven from 100% recycled plastic bottles – yet it’s still incredibly soft and the geometric patttern wouldn’t look out of place in my lounge either.

I knew that the space wouldn’t be complete without some ambient lighting and I’m a big fan of festoon lighting. Fairy lights are my year round favourites but these festoon lights from Garden Trading really gives some more light where you are seated and look a little more impressive.

You can see the pretty pattern of the filament in the bulbs when it starts to get dark…

Planters really make a space and I really love the look of this Cotswold tall planter. It looks like it’s made of limestone but it isn’t at all, it’s actually plastic. It means that it’s much easier to move about and much less likely to get damaged. I do plan to fill them eventually with some bay trees but for now, I opted for artificial topiary balls. These ones are designed to be hung up, so I know that they will be really useful, particularly at Christmas with LED lights.

This Von Haus firepit has proved to be a great addition to the garden. Not only have we been able to light the pit in the evenings when it starts to cool down, but we’ve also taken it to the beach in the evening too. This firepit comes with a carry case and the legs fold in – so it’s really easy to transport and is super light. On our last trip to the beach we used it to toast marshmallows and the kids absolutely loved it. It’s a really inexpensive way to add a firepit to your garden and I think that it’s great that you can also pack it away too.

I’ve really enjoyed putting together a seating area that certainly won’t blow the budget and more than serves it’s purpose as an outdoor oasis when the weather has been as beautiful as it has been lately.

Nb. Some items were kindly sent in return for this feature. All views and opinions remain entirely my own.