Introducing our baby girl

Three weeks seem to have passed by so very quickly. The end of my pregnancy was dragging so much that I would never have imagined three weeks would fly by so fast and here we are in a bubble as a family of five with our baby girl having arrived.

As a few weeks have passed, I now pretty much feel like my normal self. Bar an achy tummy and having to restrict what I do as I had a caesarean. This point always makes me feel like I can do more than I actually can, I feel essentially ‘back up and running’ but I also have to remember that doing too much can set me back a little or a lot! I’m not driving yet either which is also a pain as I can’t get on with what I would normally do. It has however kept me away from the shops which can only be a good thing – in the short term at least.

I feel that life is settling down a little now and with the boys back at school and pre-school, I can finally start to get into a routine and spend a few precious hours with my little girl. After having both boys being fairly demanding newborns, we have been surprised to find our little girl is a rather chilled out character in comparison. She likes her sleep a lot and we initially found this a little worrying, especially as she had to have repeated checks for jaundice which was taking a while to subside. It would appear that she is just calmer in nature and has already become accustomed to lots of noise around her. We don’t really need to worry too much about ‘shush don’t wake the baby’ as she’s learnt to sleep through the din the boys regularly make. I guess this is part and parcel of being a younger sibling.


Apart from experiencing all the amazing surges of love you feel for a newborn, it’s been so heartwarming to see what effect our little girl has had on her two big brothers. They have been doting since the moment they met her and are so affectionate yet gentle with her. They seem to instinctively know that they need to be extra careful with her and I hope that they always remember to treat their little sister this way.

She has quite simply slotted into our life so well (so far) and the transition from having two children to three has barely registered with me. It’s like she has always been here now.