Pulling Off White Trainers

White trainers are amazing, aren’t they? They look fantastic on models, and catwalks, and great in magazines and fashion blogs. But, most of us are a little bit terrified of them. They might look amazing the first time you wear them, but surely they’ll get dirty and be impossible to keep clean? Then there’s the question of what to wear them with? How do you make your white trainers look fab without taking attention away from them?

White sneakers are an absolute classic. They’ll never go out of style, they’ll always be on-trend, and they will always look amazing. For that reason alone, it’s worth investing in your dream pair of white pumps. But, once you’ve got them, how do you pull them off? Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to wear white trainers. 

Find the Right Pair

White trainers are all awesome, but they don’t all look the same, and they won’t all work with the same outfits. A pair of white canvas pumps will look incredible with some skinny jeans and a tee, or a summer tea dress with a denim jacket. But, they might not look as cool with a more dressed up outfit. 

Find the right white pumps for your style, or for a specific event, and if you can, invest in quality. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Quality trainers that are well made will last for longer, be more comfortable and look better. That certainly doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on a designer brand, but spending a little more on quality materials can be worthwhile. 

Dress Them Up

Trainers aren’t just for casual outfits and dressed down events. The right white trainers can look great with smart suits and even formal dresses. But, make sure you dress for the occasion. Canvas pumps can look lovely teamed with a summer dress, but a leather pair might work better with a bodycon. When dressing white trainers up, stick to subtle colours, like neutrals and pastel shades for the rest of your outfit or accessories. 

From Day To Night

One of the best things about an outfit with trainers is that it can work all day long. Wear your trainers with casual jeans and a tee during the day. Swap your top for a satin blouse or cami and add some sparkle with your accessories for a night on the town. 

Alternatively, wear your trainers with a dress and jacket for work, then lose the jacket, and add a statement pendant for dinner with friends. 

Pair Them with Jeans

One of the easiest pairings going has got to be white trainers and blue denim. Whether they are crops, full length, denim culottes, skinny, wide, flared, bootcut, mom, or boyfriend, they will look fabulous with a pair of white trainers. 

Even better, all of your jeans will look great with any style of trainer. You really can’t go wrong. 

Add a Pop Of Colour

White shoes don’t have to mean that you can’t wear colour. Add a bright top, a colourful dress of even coloured jeans or patterned trousers to highlight your white trainers. A white base gives you a fantastic opportunity to experiment with different colours. 

Play Around with Opposites

We often stick to pairing our shoes and accessories or try to find complementary colours and styles for our clothes and shoes. White trainers are simple, stylish, and always trendy. So, why not be bold? Instead of asking “what will match?” play around with opposites. Wear black for cool monochrome, experiment with bold shades, and mix your styles. Wear casual white pumps with sophisticated suits. 

Wear Them To The Office

Once, trainers to work would have been frowned upon. Now, there’s nothing to stop you. Clean, white leather trainers can look exceptionally smart, and pair very well with a smart dress or trouser suit. If your work clothes are less formal, team smart trainers with a more casual dress or blouse and a fitted blazer. You’ll certainly be more comfortable than in heels or hard leather. 

Show Some Leg

If there’s one thing that looks great with white sneakers, it’s leg! Whether you wear shorts, a skirt, a dress or you just show a little ankle in a short pair of jeans, you will look effortlessly cool.

Don’t Overthink It

However you decide to wear your white sneakers, don’t overthink it. They will get scuffed, they will get dirty, and they won’t last forever. So, don’t worry about it. Enjoy them, and appreciate how good you look.

Nb. Collaborative post.