Finding some rhythm…

I have never been a confident dancer myself but over the years I have found my feet (so to speak) on the dancefloor. Usually if I’ve had a little drink I will have more enthusiasm and of course if the music and company is right then I can make myself believe that I have rhythm!

I am still very much haunted by the days back at the school disco’s where I simply couldn’t perform any of the ‘really cool’ routines that most of my friends knew how to dance to. I never mastered the Macarena and Whigfields Saturday Night…never. Aerobics a few years later proved just as futile as working out to the beat was rather necessary. I think it gave me a reasonable work out in itself with all the effort it took to actually keep up with suddenly changing direction so that I didn’t collide with anyone.

My husband also claims to have two left feet although I have never witnessed this as such seeing as he avoids dancefloors like the plague. Our first dance didn’t count. It makes me wonder where our boys will fare any better, I do hope so.

I love it when Beastie finds his new favourite song as I get to watch him dancing away without a care in the world. Although these days he does tend to get a little self conscious if he knows we are watching him. I love how kids are so liberated and he certainly doesn’t have to worry about any other kids laughing at his moves yet – I hope. It’s most certainly about finding your confidence and I as you grow older you do adopt the mentality of not really caring so much. Children do need to be encouraged to build on their confidence and starting up dancing can really help to promote their self esteem.

We have yet to introduce an activity for him to do at the weekends or as he gets older, after school. As he’s a boy you think of the obvious like football, judo and swimming but it’s not always the case. What would happen if he fancied trying out dancing or drama? I certainly can’t see him doing ballet but I could imagine him partaking in street dance. I mean that’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Since High School Musical and other films that involve dancing and singing it’s much more popular and widely accepted for boys to join in as well. Do you have boys and girls that are interested in dance? then take a little look at Move Dancewear for some inspiration. So whether they need tap shoes or dance sneakers, you can find everything you need to kit them out and benefit from some great advice too.