Our year in pictures

How much can change in one year? I was talking to friend about this the other day and it still always amazes me when you look back over the previous year.

This time last year we had only recently discovered I was pregnant with our daughter. My husband had an inkling I might be pregnant but I was completely unaware, much like I was with both the boys. It was shortly after Christmas that I started to feel pretty rough and for the most part of the beginning of this year, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. The summer seemed so very far away!

I feel in some ways that this year has flown now that our baby girl is part of our family. Yet I felt like my pregnancy dragged on for so long and I struggled to see the end in sight. At the time I wanted to cherish my final pregnancy and not mope and moan about my aches and pains but in hindsight I didn’t do too well. I guess you live in the moment and do the best that you can at the time.

I stumbled across this quote a while ago and thought how much it resonated with me.

Sometimes time seems to stand still and you can’t see the woods for the trees, yet time really does move fast – way too fast. Soon we’ll be toasting in the new year and so the cycle of changes starts over again and I wonder where our lives will have taken us in another year?