Open Your Child’s Eyes to the Great Outdoors

Christmas time is as much about looking forward to the New Year as it is about celebrating the old one. We give presents which we know our loved ones will use and enjoy in the months to come; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I love being out and about when the sun is shining, so this festive season I’ve been thinking about gifts which will encourage my beasties to come outside with me.

Amazing Balance Bikes for Kids

These Action-Kids balance bikes are simply wonderful! The first thing that caught my eye was the colour. They’re very bright! But this, as well as their funky design, means they’ll be perfect for spring and summer. Balance bikes are suitable for kids from toddlers to young children and are as safe as they are fun looking. The clue is in the name – these cute bikes feature a low step, special saddle and low centre of gravity which means they’re perfect for little ones who haven’t quite progressed to full stability, whether on two feet or two wheels! Balance bikes are a bit like a cross between a scooter and a bicycle. Your little beastie can trundle about using one foot or two, depending on how confident they’re feeling, and almost eliminate the need for stabiliser wheels when they are ready to have a go on a big bike.

I love how bicycles can make going outside more fun for children. If they’ve seen you – or anyone – riding a bicycle then they’ll be sure to want to do it too! Balance bikes are the most perfect way of introducing your kiddies to riding whilst they’re still young, and they make going to the shops or taking your other kids to school so much more enjoyable, for everyone concerned. The only time when I wouldn’t recommend even attempting to get your child on a bike is when the weather’s bad, but there’s an easy solution to this problem as well.

Stylish Travel Systems

Britax Travel Systems caught my eye when I was browsing the web looking for sturdy, stylish pushchairs and they were so striking I immediately had to have a look at the full range! The modular design means that these travel systems are essentially two, or three, items in one – incorporating pushchair, pram, carrycot and/or buggy into one stylish looking vehicle. They’re not as colourful as the action bikes – which is probably a good thing when you’re the one pushing – but they are eye catching and incredibly sturdy looking. The tandem pushchair can even make room for two children if needed. Perfect!