MUMenTUM – Monday check in 2

Just in case any of us should forget, Liska over at New Mum Online gently reminds us to document our week of saintly behaviour or more likely in my case, sinful behaviour. I shall say I have had a bit of both and as the week has passed and it firmly fell into the latter category.

The end of my week (Friday) ended up with me working 13 hours and not having a proper meal all day. I  hadn’t prepared a meal in time and ended up with two sandwiches throughout the day, bread overload. I didn’t even want one sandwich. This weekend we went away and had food cooked for us, not entirely healthy but the portions were small (so I get some points back here). The downside was we were so hungry today so we went all out with a lovely stodgy dinner. However, tomorrow is a new day and a new week so I shall wipe the slate clean then.

So this week Liska has a few questions for us to answer and gives ‘food for thought’.

1.What is working?

Sticking with a routine week by week and being able to plan my food. Going away etc (such is life) does sets me back.

2. What is not working?

At the moment my biggest struggle seems to be keeping up with riding on my exercise bike. It is not actually the doing that is the problem, it’s finding the time to fit in 30-45 minutes without a little boy trying to mount it with me.

3. What has worked in the past?

I have never been good at dieting, I don’t stick at things long enough to see the results required to spur me on. The only things that have made me lose weight are heartbreak and breastfeeding. Seeing as I am happily married, the heartbreak option is obviously not an ‘option’ and I am not pregnant in order to breastfeed again. Which in turn would mean becoming larger before I get smaller!

4. What will you really focus on this week?

I will get back the focus I had the week before last and continue to change the way I look at food, eat slower, make better choices and not eat just for the sake of it!

5. What have you achieved so far?

I have learnt that I don’t need to rely on bread and obviously filling foods. To be honest I don’t feel I have achieved that much in the way I look but I haven’t felt as hung up on my tummy lately as I have been. Breathing in can work miracles!

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