Poppy Cat Review

We were recently sent a Poppy Cat plush toy and 4 piece character set for Beastie to test out. As mentioned previously, Nick Jr. is the preferred choice of channel for Beastie so he has a good working knowledge of what shows are run. I had heard of Poppy Cat but couldn’t recall ever seeing an episode but it had obviously been on as Beastie proudly thrust ‘Egbert’ into the air. I was dubious as to whether this was indeed his name, but with some research I found out he was right. These figurines are for ages 3 upwards and you can see why as they are quite small and certainly need to be kept out of the grasps of my 6 month old!

The talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy is a great bedtime companion for all Poppy Cat fans and is soft and cuddly . If you press Poppy’s tummy you will hear her say one of her 5 phrases from the popular Poppy Cat books and TV show. This toy is designed for kids 10 months upwards but there really is no reason why it couldn’t be given to a child from birth as there is no access to the battery component inside or any attached parts to fall off.

Poppy Cat and Friends are brought to life with this figurine set. It includes all of the Poppy Cat characters for your child to create their own adventures with. The set includes Poppy Cat, Alma, Zuzu, Owl and Egbert.

You can find out more about this series over on yet another great interactive site and purchase the toys from Golden Bear amongst other places. The plush toy and figurines retail at £9.99 respectively.

Nb. We were sent these items for review but all opinions expressed are our own.