Make Me Yummy

Unfortunately I haven’t received lots of goodies through the post to try out and share my views. What I can do is share with you what has been working great since away on holiday and since I have returned, in my quest to keep my skin looking as bronzed as it can be for as long as possible.

This is the Nivea cream I have been using. In a way this is a review as well as a recommendation as I was kindly given a goodie bag creams when I was invited to attend the Nivea and Ubisoft event back in May.

Now I love a good moisturiser but can be terrible at being bothered remembering to slather lots of cream on. That was until I had a tan to maintain, to see me through until Cybermummy. I have been applying this cream morning and evening, using copious amounts and so far my skin feels great. It isn’t too heavy and smells really lovely, it actually reminds me of holidays as the smell is similar to some sun creams. So if you still want a reminder of your holiday gone by (like me) then you will like this product.

As I have been applying it before I head out in the morning, I have found it has dried really quickly and left no residue on my clothes. This one is for dry skin with macadamia oil and is from the Q10 range designed for firming when elasticity is lost. I wouldn’t normally buy firming body creams, but seeing as I am now in my thirties and making educated choices with regards to face creams, it seems only right that I should be choosing the same for the rest of my body.

With two applications a day it is also lasting well so far, I shall definitely be buy some more once it runs out, I may end up pale and interesting soon but as least my skin will be as soft as a baby’s bottom.

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