What does your blog mean to you?

Today I feared that my blog was no more. I have been plagued of late by relentless hacking. It’s been one episode after another and lots of lessons learned along the way. After fixing it several times ourselves (well my husband) some malicious code was proving troublesome to remove and we decided to get some help with the malware removal. What we thought would be a simple process ended up with them deleting all of the files on my blog. There was a time that we feared all the posts I have written, it’s entire history had been wiped forever more.

I’ve shrugged my shoulders many times during the hacking episodes, concluding that maybe I am just not meant to keep blogging and that maybe I should give up. Today showed me that I do care very much about my blog and over the last couple of years it has become very much a part of me and a part of my family’s lives. This little space in the world wide web is mine and I have grown with it.

After a few tears this afternoon thinking about the demise of my beloved blog it made me realise how much I have come to rely on it and how I would feel quite lost without it. This afternoon when I realised it had been wiped was actually a rare moment that I had sat myself down to start a post. It was ironic that I finally managed to squeeze in time to churn out a post, only to find my blog defunct!

My husband managed to restore my blog through our host and all is okay again. Both a relief and a wake up call as we hadn’t been backing up the files regularly. I have since found out that my blog details were stored in a web archive cache, which was good to know. I don’t think anything can be properly wiped from the Internet. Useful and alarming in equal measures.

I am aware that this blog has been dreadfully neglected lately and that I am not perhaps writing enough of the material that I would like to. I’m the type of writer that is suddenly struck with inspiration. I’m writing this on my phone now as I write best when the words just flow from my thoughts. I say it all in my head often and feel the sudden urge to get it all written down as I ‘see’ it now. If I wait until later, the thought process is all wrong. Unfortunately these inspirational bouts don’t happen enough for my liking. Too sporadic and usually all at once. I need to learn to write when it suits me but to bank them all up in the drafts folder. Not my usual style which is to just publish straight away and what the hell.

For two years now I have been trying to organise myself and produce scheduled posts at regular times. I’m still trying but another child later and I think it’s possibly a lost cause. I shall keep trying though.

So have you thought about how much your blog means to you, besides the record keeping? How would you feel if it wasn’t there anymore?