Loungewear with Femme Luxe

We’ve all largely been spending our time indoors for the last year and much as I love fashion, I do love to get comfortable when I’m at home. You’ll never find me around the house in my jeans as they always come off pretty much as soon as I come in the door, in favour of something less restrictive. I mean there hasn’t been much to dress up for lately anyway, but you can never under estimate how great it feels to get into loungewear, even if that means you’ve only really rolled out of bed that day rather than returned from working (away from your home).

I’m always on the hunt for outfits that are easy to pull on and aren’t pyjama’s either.  I might be pretty comfortable in my nightwear but I do think it helps to get dressed properly and even more so when you answer the door. Those novelty pyjama’s can be strictly for during the evening, when hopefully no one will come calling! You can’t beat loungewear that means you’ve made more of an effort. I always usually opt for Grey Loungewear but decided to go with this dark blue loungewear set is ideal for just milling around in and is really soft and lightweight. The fabric is quite sheer, so the bottoms are a little transparent but seeing as I won’t be wearing these out and about, it’s not a problem for me.

It’s one of those sets that fits really well all over your body, without the bottoms being too snug or the waistband too tight. I know that I’ll get lots of wear out of this set and because it’s light it washes really well and dries super quick.

You can never have too much loungewear right? Once again, I decided that it was time to break away from grey loungewear and went for this black off the shoulder loungewear set.  When it comes to Co-Ord Sets this one is a little different as it comes with a crop top that is off the shoulder and is made of a thicker, shinier material than the one above. It has a much dressier vibe and is an outfit that can be worn out and about and would look equally as good paired with trainers or heels, if you want to glam it up a bit. The great thing about this set is that it’s really versatile and is a bit more interesting than you average co-ord.

We’ve yet to actually go out to a pub or restaurant yet, but when we do I know that I like to dress up a little bit.  I’m not saying Body Con Midi Dress smart, but something that makes me feel a little more ‘done up’. I do love a pair of black faux leather look leggings as they’re often my go to when I’m going for a dressier look. This pair actually came up a little big on me (size 12) but I love the high waisted style that not only looks better but is also much more comfortable to wear. There is nothing worse than rigid feeling trousers that cut off your waist when you sit down – especially when going out for a meal.  I prefer faux leather trousers to be more figure hugging, so I’d suggest you size down with this style of trousers if you want a more stream lined look down your legs. For a more understated look you can pair them with a Milk Maid Top and some heels.

I adore green clothes and this Jade Green Crop Top Co-Ord really stood out to me.  I’m not normally a fan of crop tops but I thought this style and colour worked well and I wanted to see what it looked like on. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and I find it really flattering to wear. It’s figure hugging but it doesn’t cling to my lumps and bumps like you might think it would. I’m always really critical of stretchy trousers but these fit so well and has given me the confidence to wear Co-rds more often. I might not always opt for midriff baring styles, but certainly tops that are more cropped. I think if you pair them right, then they can work really well. This can be a casual summer look with sandals or smartened up with some heels. The trousers come up quite long, which is great for me as I am fairly tall (170 cms).

Nb. Collaborative post with Femme Luxe who sent the items of clothing in return for my views and opinions.