How festive is your home?

Much like last year, I’ve noticed that people have been putting up their Christmas decorations super early. The earliest I spotted this year was one house down our road that put their Christmas tree up immediately after they took down their Halloween decor, so the first of November! It’s a tad early in my opinion but I will never be offended by twinkly festive lights. It’s very much a case of each to their own and whatever makes people happy, is really all that matters.

It seems that the trend has really started since Christmas 2020, when lots of people went all out to brighten up what was an appalling year. I’ve always known people who love drag out the decorations in November. There have always been early birds, but I really do now think that mid November is becoming a thing and will soon become the norm for blinging up your house.

Since we’ve had kids, we always start decorating from the first of December. Once we’ve bought the tree, then I’m off as my husband won’t entertain November in the slightest, which I can totally understand. We’re actually a little late hanging up our outdoor lights after we had to find a replacement for last years rather dim icicle affair. I had bought the lights, but my husband hadn’t got around to working out how he was going to fix the new ones and then he needed to order the necessary bits – thanks Amazon. All it took was some cladding clips and a hot glue gun to the render – and it worked. Well they’re still hanging a few days later anyway…

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When it comes to putting some sparkle around the home, I find that I have certain places indoors that have to be decorated. Those places are the banisters, the panelled wall in the kitchen (with mirror) and of course the lounge which hosts the Christmas tree. Unfortunately we don’t have a mantelpiece to make all fancy, so I make the most of what I have in the lounge instead. This is the place that has all of our luxury furniture and pieces that have been chosen to last, rather than our Ikea purchases in the early days of owning a property. The tv unit has the place of what a mantel would and is my chosen spot to position a garland with intertwined lights and candles dotted about. My favourite decorations have to be wire stars that just look so pretty and can be easily placed on shelves, hanging from the wall or even hooked over doorknobs. My collection is growing every year.

The door also has to have a wreath and my goodness, aren’t they becoming popular too? One day I’ll attend a wreath making workshop but until then, I’ll keep buying one from the supermarket and giving it a little makeover of my own. This year I rearranged to bow and sprayed the plain green foliage with some snow spray. I need to up my game for next year 😉

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I prefer to have warm white lights outside and inside the house but I’ve noticed that multi coloured ‘retro’ lights seem to be making a big come back. I’ve never really been keen on them in my home but I do kind of love the way they look as it makes me feel all nostalgic. Maybe one day I’ll change things up a bit, but for now, I’m all about the warm and cosy vibes from classic warm white lights.

Nb. Collaborative post.