London Hacks: Top tips for your next visit

Going to London for a trip away can be confusing and difficult to get right, especially if you’re on a budget, struggling to sort out travel and plan out exactly what you want to do. Here are some top tips to help you out for your next visit to London:

Keep costs low

Budget your finances and put some money away for your next trip to London. Consider opening a savings account or buying a couple piggy banks to help you manage your costs. Once you have saved up enough money you should be able to go to London worry-free! Nothing is better than budgeting for a trip and enjoying it guilt free without having any money concerns.

The Smart Local has thrifty ideas to save you some pennies! Some of their ideas include grabbing a free Metro newspaper that has McDonald’s vouchers in, hopping on the 11 bus that is a budget version of a tour bus, and wining and dining using Groupon vouchers for various restaurants and bars located all around London.

Make travel easy


Travel can be difficult and expensive. Getting to and around London shouldn’t be scary! Check out the National Rail website for information on advanced train tickets, deals and any queries you may have. If you are choosing to fly on your next visit to London, make sure you feel comfortable with London’s airports as they can be nerve-wracking and difficult to manoeuvre.

CNN Travel has a great and informative guide on London’s airports and which is best for you. Some of the things they give advice on include price, flight durations and the sizes of airports.

Getting an Oyster card can save you loads of money on travel costs. A day ticket costs roughly £6 and it allows you to travel on the bus, metro, tram, DLR, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line, River Bus services and some National Rail services in London.

Consider where you would like to visit and plan your travel ahead of time – it can save you time and money!

Find a place to stay first

Before heading out to London, it can be better to find a place to stay first and plan your day-to-day activities accordingly. Finding hotels and hostels to suit your needs can be difficult but browse online well in advance of your next trip and you should be able to find some good deals.

Dorsett Hotel in Shepherds Bush is a great example of a professional hotel that accommodates multiple needs and has many amenities on offer like 317 rooms, two restaurants, a bar and three meeting rooms.  Make sure you find the right hotel/hostel for you and always consider location and price before booking a place to stay on your next visit to London.

Set reasonable goals

Plan to do 4 things a day. Trying to plan too many things can make the day feel rushed and you’ll feel as if you’ve missed out on some experiences. Keep a journal or plan your day on your phone to keep track of your destinations and activities – this will make things a lot easier for you!

What do you think of these top tips and do you have any others that you can share?

Nb. Collaborative post.