Winter warmth – Three ways to warm up your rooms

With winter on its way, it is easy to forget that summer was here not so long ago. Now, rather than walking around with t-shirts, shorts and shades, it is more likely that you will be wearing coats, jumpers and scarves in the coming weeks.

As magic as winter can be, the reality can be of cold, dark months and, what is often the case, more people spending their spare time indoors, at home. In the home, however, there is no need to wrap up with these simple and cost-effective ways of improving the heating in your living space.

1. Having bi-fold doors installed

Bi-fold doors have become an increasingly popular addition to many peoples’ homes over the last decade or two. Allowing homeowners easy access to their garden space, they also add a unique feature to the homes themselves. Furthermore, they are seen to be an incredibly wise investment with many people having them installed as they approach autumn and winter, with the intention of cutting down on their houses’ heating costs.

The frames of the doors are available in both uPVC and aluminium, with both options efficient at keeping out any draughts or allowing any heat to escape. As the doors are closed, the frames move into place and weather resistant seals stop any draught from coming indoors. Even the windows are effective at keeping the cold out and the heat in. What is more, the glass can be double or triple-glazed, for extra draught and cold resistance.

If you are considering having bi-fold doors installed, be sure to contact a bi-fold shop for any further information on which would be the most energy efficient choice for your home.

2. Using the timers on your central heating system

You know your routine better than anyone. You know what time you wake up in the morning. You know what time you aim to leave for work. You know what time you arrive home. You know what time you go to bed.

What many people do not consider, when approaching the cold winter months, is how they can apply the timer on the central heating system to suit their routine. It is inefficient and expensive to have your home cosy and warm, only for you to be not be present.

By setting your timer to your own routine, you can save a lot of money and warm your home at a time when it is necessary to do so. Another quick tip would be to set your central heating to warm up half an hour or so before you need it, so that, when you wake up in the morning, the house is already warm. There would be then no need to find yourself waiting for the heating to click on.

3. Install an A-rated Boiler

If your boiler is old, has constant problems and needs repairing, it’s not only going to cost you more in call out charges, but the fact that it’s so old probably means it’s inefficient and an ancient G-rated model. Not only will this cost you more in fuel, but it’s also terrible for the environment.

Upgrading your boiler is a superb idea, you specifically want a model that A-rated and condensing, which the majority of boiler manufacturers now offer.

4. Letting your radiator warm up the room

As tempting as it is to sit right on top of your radiator, or to position furniture in front of it, keep in mind that you are blocking it from warming up the rest of the room. Ensure chairs, curtains and clothes are not stopping it from doing its job.

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