Is MDF good for wall panelling?

If you’re looking to revamp your home in 2023, there is no doubt that wall panelling is one of the hottest modern trends for bedrooms, dining spaces, and lounges alike. While wood panels may be the obvious choice, could MDF wall panelling make a suitable solution?

The short answer: absolutely! Not least when you consider the extensive range of MDF wall panelling available here at the MDF Store.

Nonetheless, you probably want further details while MDF is the perfect choice for your home’s interior design. Here’s all you need to know.

MDF carries the properties of wood but is cheaper

MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, is a practical and economical material used for cabinets and a host of other home products. However, it can be a great alternative to wood for wall panelling because it is a hard-wearing and sturdy solution that can last for years. These are the attributes that most buyers choose wood over plywood for. MDF carries them at a far more affordable price.

Whether decorating a single room or the entire home, a budget-friendly solution that does not sacrifice quality is always the preferred route to take.

MDF is extremely versatile

In addition to affordability, MDF delivers great versatility. MDF can be stained or painted to replicate the look of traditional wood panelling. So, you can recreate some of the top interior design styles for 2023. You also have the choice of buying MDF sheets, measured products, or a panelling kit.

MDF wall panelling can be easily installed, even if you choose a product that requires you to cut it. Moreover, you will avoid splinters.

MDF is smooth and consistency

As a material, the flexibility of MDF is further highlighted by the fact that it has a smooth and consistent finish. This means that you can create funky and decorative edges without fear of leaving voids. This provides a distinct advantage over plywood, which is another expensive material choice.

When combined with the ability to create any colour choice, it is possible to integrate MDF wall panelling into virtually any existing style. Or use it as the platform to build a new vibe.

MDF is eco-friendly

The MDF manufacturing process revolves around using recycled wooden residuals, which means no new trees need to be demolished. Chemicals used in the manufacturing process additionally ensure that MDF is less prone to termites and fungi decay. Avoiding premature replacements aids the environment too.

For the best results, working with a team like MDF Store that uses materials manufactured in the UK is advised. Protecting the planet will give you an added source of joy.

MDF is great for DIY installations

One downside of traditional wood panels is that you’ll need an expert to cut and install the materials. This is not an issue with MDF thanks to the attributes mentioned above. It is heavy due to its density, which may mean you need two people to install it. Aside from this factor, though, MDF is very easy to work with.

MDF is also suitable for garden buildings. So, when you want a wood panelling solution for any type of interior upgrade, it is a very good choice indeed.

Upgrade your home with MDF Store

If you are ready to improve the aesthetic of your home with MDF wood panelling, the first step is to find the right product. Call our experts to learn more about your options today.