How To Get That Perfect Property

We all know that the property market moves fast. We also know that the chances of finding that home of your dreams and then being the only one who spots it and offers on it are slim. Which makes property hunting challenging and stressful at times. However, there are things that you can do to swing the odds in your favour, and we will share a few of these suggestions on how to get that perfect property today.  

Put yourself in a strong position

The first thing that you will need to do is put yourself in a strong position to offer and have your offer accepted. 

If you are moving home, then you are best to get your property on the market and secure a sale before starting your own house hunt. People are much more likely to accept an offer from someone with a buyer than to someone not yet on the market.

You should also visit your mortgage lender and get the finances in place. This will put you in a position of strength and you can advise the estate agent that you have a mortgage in principle and are ready to proceed. 

Draw up that list of requirements

In order to find your dream home, you need to know what you are looking for. 

Spend some time thinking about everything that you will need in your next home, from the number of rooms to the parking arrangements. You can then jot down all of those things that you would love to have that will make it your perfect property. Perhaps a south-facing garden or a separate utility room? 

Make your wishes known

If you are now absolutely clear on what you are looking for in your next property, then it is time for you to make your wishes known. 

Start calling around all of the estate agents in the area that you hope to buy in and fill them in on everything that you are looking for in a property. Ensure that they know that you are in a strong buying position and are ready to move for the right home. 

Create it yourself

As a final tip, if you are struggling to find the house of your dreams on the market in the area that you want to live, then how about creating it yourself?

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to build your own home, which is becoming an increasingly popular option. You will of course need to find the right plot for it first and you can then start planning and creating that perfect pad. 

Alternatively, you can buy a house in need of renovation and remodel it into the perfect place for you. You will need to factor in the costs of things like building regulation checks, house clearance fees and contractors costs, so do ensure that you research all of these before buying and committing to taking the project on. 

Doing it one of these ways means you can get everything just as you want it, from creating that outdoor space to designing your ideal kitchen, and might prove to be the best solution for you. 

Nb. Collaborative post.