How to create a dreamy vintage-style bathroom

What describes a vintage bathroom? Heritage and retro-inspired décor that reminds us of the long-gone elegance and romance days that are, thankfully, making a strong come back over the past few years. It is the appeal of those timeless design styles and fixtures that make many people wish for a slice of that old-world charm. And, despite what rumours may say, creating a vintage style bathroom is easier than imagined and really affordable.

Take a look at some of the top ways to add a vintage touch to your bathroom space:

Choose Your Vintage

A retro style décor can include everything from an Art Deco bath with sparkling fixtures to a Victoria-inspired delight with a hand-painted basin, a wooden washstand (or two) and a claw-foot tub. You just need to understand where you belong and collect the features that will best depict what you have envisioned. Most of the times, small changes, such as gradually replacing all of your drawer pulls, knobs, and handles with antique ones with soft, aged patina is all the vintage you need.

Focus on Tiles

The use of tiles, primarily metro or subway tiles, is a true quintessential vintage look for bathrooms. Borrow elements from iconic baths of the past and produce a clean, vintage style décor with white metro tiles. They can be either totally flat or feature bevelled edges and will certainly give your room a timeless, classic feel. To add more authenticity, you may consider going for a dark grey grout. As for flooring, simple black/white mosaics are a good option, especially if octagonal or hexagonal too. Alternatively, you could consider Tongue and Groove panelling if you are not really a tile person.

Let Copper, Brass & Gold Speak Vintage

If you fancy metallic elements and want to use it to add colour, make sure you don’t overdo it as you may give the bath a modern twist that won’t match well with a vintage style. A better option is to opt for bronze, brass, nickel-iron, or gold/brass, all of which are much warmer and coordinate better with retro styles. For vintage luxury, you could pick a beautiful copper bathtub and team it up with bare floorboards, window shutters, a nice light fixture, gold fittings, brass fixtures, and/or perhaps a wooden chair.

Freestanding Bathtub: A Must-Have

Nothing speaks vintage more than a claw-foot tub made of beautiful, smooth porcelain. Dating back many centuries, freestanding tubs were a standard feature of the majority of homes. Today, their appeal is unsurpassable and comprise a must-have element in a bathroom that you want to exude a captivating vintage style. A slipper or roll top bath also make great statement pieces to help give your bathroom a vintage flair. For ideas and designs, you could visit

Mind the Flooring

Timber or marble flooring are both excellent choices for the purpose you want them. Marble holds an unbeatable luxe while wood was indeed one of the most popular features of Victorian homes. The great thing about our modern days is that you can give a bathroom the feel of luxury without paying the hefty price tag to lay marble flooring if it is out of your price range. If you look around, you will find adorable tiles with a marble print that will produce the same effect.

Pedestal Sinks Rule

Following the heavenliness of a freestanding bath, boxy Craftsman or curvy Victorian-style detached pedestal sinks carry a powerful vintage vibe and look fantastic when placed in a vintage space. A practical alternative is to repurpose that antique dresser you have in the bedroom into a vanity (sink, that is), so you also have lots of storage space.

Add Vintage Glam

Chandeliers will always infuse an imposing sensation and a superb vintage tone. Plus, they contribute to making a room look more luxurious and upscale. Without a doubt, an antique chandelier will finish off your vintage bathroom much better than, say, a set of recessed lights. That aside, you can invest on other vintage decoration, such as a full-length mirror with an ornate frame, marble or polished wood open shelves, and even an antique chair with an upholstered seat and back to provide some extra style and comfort. A vintage map used as wallpaper is also a great way to add character.

Vintage trends are making a comeback in interior design, and it could be the perfect time to turn your bathroom into a personal vintage paradise with these handy tips and ideas.

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