The Rise to Fame of Artificial Grass

With the evolution of technology, building a home has never been so customised. From floorings to lawns, you can now choose a wide variety of design. Along with this is the rise of the artificial grass to fame. Artificial grass was first used in football fields. But this is not your ordinary football cup because in 2010, the FIFA World Cup used an artificial grass in the football field. Although artificial grass is one of the most cost-efficient house materials, it also became the basis of wealth among the wealthy people. Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance, not to mention the fee for labourers to mow and water your lawn. Artificial grass however can give you a lesser cost in your maintenance and can actually save you some time.

This is hard to believe but did you know that artificial grass is used as replacement for red carpet recently? Yes, it did. The red carpet, a symbol of elegance for the celebrities, was replaced with an artificial grass in the Hollywood. Aside from imposing a very regal statement, the artificial grass carpet was used to convince the celebrities to go green because with their influence, they can help share the message for our environment.

It’s not just football fields that use artificial grass, recently, the Major League Baseball’s 81st Midsummer Classic in Anaheim used a 100% recyclable and renewable material as their carpet. Although it’s not an artificial grass that they used and it’s just a carpet, it still has a big impact on the people and it will raise awareness on our environment to many people. Aside from MLB, the NFL Gillette Stadium also used artificial grass on its football field. This means that the fame of the artificial grass idea is not just known to small time football league’s but also to major leagues.

Elites who enjoys tennis courts can also enjoy the artificial grass in Ferncroft Country Club’s Tennis Court. This country club is famous not just because of its customers but because of its different weather conditions which, if you will imagine, can have a big impact on natural grass.

But now, as the artificial grass rises to fame and reaches the major football fields and courts in the world, it has also reached the houses of the rich people. The artificial grass can look natural at its finest. Although this can be a symbol of elegance, the truth is, the artificial grass is a money-saving house decoration.

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