Review: Secret Saviours for your bump

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to try out the Secret Saviours Anti-Stretch Mark System. When it comes to anything that may help my pregnancy, then I am always a willing participant. The system comprises of a support band, day gel and night cream. They claim that this system makes it 70% harder for stretch marks to form, which is worth looking into alone. Ladies if you’re prone in any way, then it might just stop them forming at all.

Secret Saviours

I have to admit that my bump care regime this time has been pretty laid back, in fact practically non existent. I blame it on being busy, forgetful and generally not being arsed to spend the time lathering on body creams to try and keep stretch marks at bay. It’s been extremely lazy of me and it wasn’t until I saw this system that I thought it might be something I live to regret.

I was lucky to not get any stretch marks with both my boys. I have old stretch marks around my hips and thighs that I think a few women get when they’re younger but never developed any on my stomach. I’ve always thought it was down to my genetics that I didn’t get any as my Mum was lucky in that aspect too. However, the fact that I have stretch marks elsewhere, proves that it is always possible! When the skin just can’t take anymore then it will mark.

This is where reading about what the Secret Saviours system can offer is interesting. No pregnancy is the same and I’ve certainly noticed that my body is reacting slightly different this time. It’s been through two previous pregnancies so I really shouldn’t be blasé about looking after it.

With Beastie I bought a support band for when I was at work, back in the day when I worked full time (hard to imagine now). Myself and a fellow pregnant colleague were finding that we really needed some support for our bumps and backs when working all day, we used to feel that our stomachs really started to drag and we were constantly stretching because our backs were aching. So having had experience with a support band, I kind of knew what to expect. This band however, was uncomfortable towards the end of the day and it never made an appearance during my second pregnancy – in fact I have no idea where it is.

So for me, the band was the part that I knew I needed the most but was the part that I struggled to get used to. I really hate anything snug under my bump. Underwear and clothes have to be really elasticated under my bump for me to be comfortable. I’ve never got on with maternity jeans for that reason, just far too uncomfortable. In fact I forget with every pregnancy just how uncomfortable I get. This band I am pleased to say is very comfortable, although it fits well under my bump, I don’t feel like it is ‘cutting in’ like the last one.

To get fitted for the correct support band,  it’s a simple process. You measure your bump around the largest part of your tummy (around your belly button) and the measurements will decide which size band you will need. I came up as medium at my stage of pregnancy, which was around 23 weeks at the time. They come in two colours, black and pink. I was pleased to be sent the pink one as this colour can be worn with a variety of clothes with it being neutral.

Below you can see the inside of the band and the different sized pads. First you apply the day gel all over your bump and then you put on the support band, the tackiness of the gel on your skin, helps the band to fix snuggly in place. This does feel a little bit weird to start with but it’s something that soon becomes second nature and hardly thought about again when rushing around with children. It really does feel like a second skin and when naked, you really do feel naked without it. I have considered what it will feel like during warmer weather and can imagine feeling a little sticky but hopefully by then the support factor will outweigh all else.

It’s best with this system that you get into a routine with it as soon as you get it and start as you mean to go on. Straight away I loved the scent of the gel and cream which is always a massive thing for me. I smell everything and even if a product claims to be a wonder product, if it doesn’t smell great to me, then I won’t use it. The night cream is my favourite, it’s quite light in texture and rubs in really easily. So no thick cream that takes ages to apply or soak in. It smells like a luxurious aromatherapy product that you might be indulged with at a spa. Perfect for winding down at night time before you curl up in bed.

I’m now 26 weeks pregnant so have a fair while to go wearing the band but it’s definitely arrived at the stage that I’m really starting to feel the benefit. So far no stretch marks and my bump is feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.

If you want to check out what all the fuss is about for yourself then you can find out all about here. Their website is also full of really interesting information too, so it’s well worth a look to get advice on all aspects in pregnancy from exercising to beauty must haves!

Nb. I was sent the Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark System to trial. All views, opinions and photographs are entirely my own.